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Toe cramps
9 Replies
SallyB - May 4

Recently I got a toe cramp while in the car, and thankfully, was not driving. When I get these, I rub the toe, but spasticity causes the toe to stay 'fixed' in a position, causing much pain until I can walk around again. (Neurologist suggests I may also have mild CP.) What can be done for this? I heard more calcium, water, and try to pick up marbles with your toes. (have never been able to do this!)


cwatson - May 4

I get toe cramps too and feet cramping. My toes will stay in the most bent shape until I can relieve the cramp. Weird. What is CP? I take magnes. suppl. , calcium w/ vit D, and Vit B w/ Folic Acid. The combo of these have made me feel so much better and the cramping has really improved. I still get a bit of tingling in my feet but over all feel WAY better.


claire17 - May 6

wow i have somthing similar which inever really thought about too much sometimes my toes start pulling upwards and backwards very stiff aand i cant bend them walking around relaxes them i am yet to see a neurologist what is cp?


Debbie_Philly - May 23

I get the worst foot and toe cramps.... they will wake me right up out of bed. Im on Kolonapin ... a very small dose at night. It has helped some. They are very painful though. I hope you feel better.


Jessica18 - April 21

Hi I have had spasticity in my feet in which it gets bad to the point I cant flex or move my foot/If i try to stand it gets much worse and I will get pain.When I have this cramping of both my feet(which turn inward)or doward some of my toes in the front will spread out and the ones at the end will cramp together. Some times it goes away then comes back.In my case it is mild cp other words a combination of diseases from the central nervous system but,for some people it can be epilepsy.Not all seizures are tonic-clonics(gran-mals). I hope this helps. Jessica


chaplin - April 21

I have just been diagnosed with FM among other problems I have very bad muscle cramps in my feet and hands. It is very painful and takes a few minutes to go away. I have been tested for vitamin deficiencies and they can't find anything. I have had a CT scan that has come back clear (good news) but nothing seems to help. The cramps also go to my legs and arms when I try to do too much. I have 2 young kids and often find it hard to play with them because of the pain. Any suggestions would be great.
I have asked the dr.s for help but they can't seem to figure this out.


JOEGIRL - April 21

I get foot and hand cramps at times and it hurts. I just get up and try to stand up and rub my hands or foot when this happens.
I guess its from the fibro? I never really thought about it til now.
Hope you are feeling better.What is cp?


Gabbie - April 22

My first symptom of fibro (before I was diagnosed) was the toe cramps. Unbelieveable pain, like a hot poker going through my big toe and usually followed with all my toes bending and stiffening in a weird position. I usually get it at night when I'm relaxing and watching TV. Comes out of nowhere and the only way I can stop it is to stand up, walk around and try not to let the toes curl downward. I too had it just a couple of times in the car just before I was ready to start driving. I drink lots of water and take in enough calcium, but maybe it would be worse without it. If anyone has a suggestion, I would love to hear about it also.


belle1329 - April 22

I too started out in the beginningof my Fibro, Last winter with toe/foot cramps when I was relaxing and watching TV, and when my feet felt very cold.(I also have raynauds,spelling? )Past few months I have not had many episodes of that.
Interesting about the calcium, I have Osteo, just started taking boniva yesterday.... another night mare on this in another listing!! :-(


axxie - April 22

Calcium, magnesium, vit B, D, and folic accid very important, lactose skim milk shake with berries. Very good and the berries help with the antioxident.



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