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Today is a bad day...
3 Replies
Myriam - June 2

I have been looking at the posts for the past 3 days, wanting to share some of my feelings. But I feel like a complainer. I feel like that everyday. I have only been diagnosed for a little over a month and telling others I have limits is really hard for me. I am overweight, which does not help... When I say "no I can't help you move this week-end" people look at me like i am a fat lazy person. Even my husband forgets. He forgets that after cooking diner for friends on friday and saturday, I can't go work on the garden on sunday. If I say no, he looks at me with those eyes saying: you look fine, you're fine. Stop complaining. And I feel I am complaining now, to all of you. I bead, make jewelry. I haven't done much for the past 3 weeks, my hands are too stiff all day long. I can only bend my thumb half way. I have trouble walking from my car to the office. it's a 5 minutes walk. It takes me 12. Fibrofog, that fibrofog. I can't even carry out a conversation with friends, I loose track of it. They think I am distracted, I know I am just foggy. I work in a call centre, loosing track of a conversation does not look good on you!

I'm sorry if I am complaining. I am not allowed to do so, cause it makes me look like I am weak. That's how I feel, and thank you to all of you to listen to me.


Canada17 - June 2

I would strongly suggest you find a professional counselor to discuss your problems with. Not having an outlet and feeling like you aren't "allowed" to complain makes things more difficult for us. Plus, a professional can help you work through any underlying issues that may be building up as a result of feeling like you can't communicate.

Just remember to be kind to yourself. It is good that you know your limits and that you are able to say "No" to people. When you're having a good day, remember to include those who you value in your day. It will help them be more willing to understand on days that you're less able. : )


Noca - June 2

I'm learning to say "no" to friends when they ask me something that will cause me too much pain.


Myriam - June 2

My husband is not that bad. I think he remembers everything I use to do and he misses it.
I may need to talk to a counsellor, for the complaining issue. I always felt like i was the one supporting the foundation of my family and friends. Maybe I need to step back and understand my self before trying to save the world. Thank you fibrofriends, I am glad to know you guys are there to listen and understand



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