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To the new people in the forum looking for answers & help......
8 Replies
helen - September 20

My intent is to help save you new folks about 10 years of your life doing research, 10 years of your life being sick, 10 years of your life subscribing to the falsehood that Fibro is not curable and feeling like a victim and then only to find out that the answer has been well known, well documented and that your doctors just failed you, failed to be open, failed to be progressive and updated and at the same time probably threw a few negative comments your way. I also hope to help prevent the anger you could have when you finally realize the falsehoods involved in FMS and how a great part of your life was wasted.

Try to do some research- you might find the answers here in these books.

"Living Well With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia,"

"Living Well With Graves' Disease and Hyperthyroidism,"

"Living Well With Autoimmune Disease,"

"Thyroid Guide to Fertility, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Success"

"Living Well with Hypothyroidism: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know,"

Mary Shomon is the author of all. It is great stuff. Amazon has the books and if you do a search on Mary Shomon you will find alot of info because Mary Shomon has been featured in hundreds of television, radio, newspaper, magazine and web interviews, including appearances on ABC World News Tonight and CBS Radio Networks, and interviews in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Ladies Home Journal, Health, Cooking Light, Elle Magazine, Woman's World, and the Los Angeles Times, to name just a few.

In her decade of consumer advocacy, Mary Shomon has never hesitated to take a stand on behalf of patients, and her independence from drug companies and medical/patient organizations that are funded by the pharmaceutical industry has allowed her to maintain an unbiased, truly patient-first advocacy effort that is rare in the thyroid community.

I am happy that I am on the right road to recovery and a bit angry also since it is horrible what we have to go thru to get better, to get the right answers on this great fibro mystery. Now I understand why it is a mystery, it all makes sense. Good luck to all.


helen - September 17

I just found alot of good articles by 'Mary J. Shomon' at There is a free ebook here as well. ) Thanks to karenj).


Jolie - September 17

Thanks Helen. I think it's also very important to remember that everyone is different. I have found relief from most of my symptoms and still improving... a different way altogether. I have suffered with severe Fibro & Myofascial Pain for 7 years. As with cancer, people respond differently to different treatments. some will need radiation, some chemo, & for some even meditation & dietary changes cures them. The latter is usually called a "miracle" but the human body & mind are amazing and even doctors admit, barely understood. Especially the effect your emotions & long term stress has only your body. Your thyroid could certainly be one of the causes of FM symptoms..... but there was a starting point that was at the genesis of your illness. There is a system in the body called the neuro-peptide system that carries information to all of your body systems. When there is a disturbance these messages can get delayed, mixed up, etc.... it could target ANY part of your body. Your thyroid is one of those areas to be sure. Helen even referenced the long term effects of stress on the body, saying it can take years to produce symtoms. That is very true. Until we treat the cause we will simply chase symptoms around forever. If you address your thyroid only, another system could go, just as easily, to serve that same destructive function. Negative energy is stored in the body and sooner or later will manifest in some disease or another. Ironically we are lucky it is just FM for us.....


Jolie - September 17

continued.......... Please take the time to read some of these books: PAIN FREE FOR LIFE by DR. SCOTT BRADY ::::::: THE DIVIDED MIND by DR. JOHN E SARNO :::::::: FREEDOM FROM FIBROMYALIGA by DR. NANCY SELFRIDGE::::::: there is a way to get well without spending hundreds of dollars on pills, creams, holistic practioners, body workers, tests etc..... the truth lies in simplicity. I am only presenting this info because it has REALLY helped me. A year ago I thought I would be dead soon. I was that bad. I am a young woman, only 29 years old. If you don't want to buy these books you can find them at any library. This is the future of medicine. In a hundred years these theories will be common practice. These doctors are pioneers... they once suffered from Fibromyalgia themselves, so they understand from a human standpoint what we are going through. Please be nice everyone & let people share their experiences & success stories...... thanks


layla - September 17

dr selfridges book is awesome. I agree that fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, chronic fatigue these are all body/mind disorders. for me it is a relief that I don't have to stay like this! start by asking yourself some questions about what's going on INSIDE of you instead of concentrating on your symtoms 24/7. your symptoms only exist to draw your attention away from what's really bothering you. it's an amazing disraction & IT WORKS really well. if fibro comes from car accidents & viral infections the whole world would have it!!!! this is your life & only YOU can change it. start reading about the bodymind connection. you can save your own life. no one else can do it for you. ppl are so resistant to mindbody discussions. thats why your doctor will not say anything to you about it, it's off limits. ppl get offended, this site is a PERFECT example of that. This has caused an EPIDEMIC of pain that has no cure. sadly it will remain this way until ppl face the truth. your emotions can make you really really sick. from headaches to cancer & everything in between. check out dr selfridge online profile, she is awesome. I owe her a lot. I just ordered dr bradys book but i'll post after reading it ~~~~ ~~~~


layla - September 17

quoting dr. selfridge, "I believe that chronic pain patients start out with a sensitive system to begin with—by birthright—temperamentally. One of the tests that I have administered in my practice is the Highly Sensitive Person test developed by Elaine Aron. All my patients scored high on this, they were intuitive feelers. I’m one of them; [if you’re reading this] probably most of you are too. This is a nervous system that seems to have an extra element of vulnerability to stress and trauma, maybe in the ways that the nervous system tends to be over activated in our particular cultural context. Since I have a sensitive temperament, medical school training was extremely stressful for me. It didn’t appear to make anybody else in my class sick (although of course some of them have coronary artery disease now, in their 50’s.) This fits this neuro-plasticity model for pain generation that we’ve known about for ages. I believe that chronic pain patients start out with a sensitive system to begin with—by birthright—temperamentally. When you start to see healing, you’re really seeing that everything that is reflected in the brain is reflected in the body and vice versa." It's worth a read if you sincerely want to get well. the other books joley mentioned are also good. I hope this helps someone. I have posted on this site before and find that there are many responses to "symptom" questions and next to no interest in posts like this.... it should be the other way around! good luck and good health.


helen - September 17

to Jolie and Layla - You are absolutely right on. We must address the dis-ease in our body on three level. The body, the mind and the soul. Hopefully we all don't get into discussions on addressing the soul, let's leave that as a personal and private topic. But you are right on, your thoughts, your feelings, your stress, both emotional and physical stress all create the dis-ease in our body. Thanks for sharing that book, I will get it! We need to address the physical body and the emotional mind. There is not a concrete wall in our body seperating our mind from our body. Thanks!!


layla - September 19

DEALY EMOTIONS: by Don Colbert MD is truly an amazing read, it explains the way illness takes root in our bodies from years of accumulated stress & repressed emotions like guilt, fear, shame, rage... It can become Fibro or Cancer or something else, but stress is stored and will overflow at some point no matter how far you stuff it down. We believe that stress causes heart attacks & IBS people.... why not fibromyalgia? I find it very ironic that all this "Debra" stuff is going on & that she lashed out SO hard at those guys writing about the mindbody books. A hostile person is likely to get angry & become excessively irritated over trivial circumstances that would not upset most people. They burn a dollar's worth of energy for a dime's worth of stress. Why would a book recommendation bother someone to such an extreme degree? It is said that the amount of repressed rage is equal to the amount of physical & emotional pain experienced. Well we certainly have all seen some RAGE around here... Why some people are sooooooo hostile to these ideas is beyond me. Is it worth staying sick forever to keep those negative emotions buried? Not for me.


layla - September 20

Oooops... I meant to say that the book is called DEADLY EMOTIONS :)



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