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To tcmby
7 Replies
Jeannie3 - January 14

Would you please give us the web site that you saw Barbar post with her bird. IF thats the case then we've all been had .


jane doe - January 14

Oh Virg, Honey give it up. WE have been had, but you, Barbar, and Teresa? Who do you think you're kidding? Don't make me go through all the work of copy and pasting to show you are Virg, I really just don't feel like it. Just admit it, say you're sorry, and I think most of us are a forgiving bunch. Well, maybe I shouldn't speak for anyone else. P.S. say hi to Barbar and Teresa.


Imelda - January 14

More lies... yes please give it up Virg- from Victoria BC! your right jane, they wont say sorry, they will jsut try to confuse us with more lies. such sick sick people... and I say to hell with them! I hope they never come back.


Jeannie3 - January 14

Gottchya didn't I. That was a simple question and request. I have come totaly clean about my identity and used them to come on because I enjoyed this forum and most of the insight. However I DO FIND IT STRANGE that you all have not been posting but came on line only to WOW! reveal identities!?! TO WHAT POINT!!! I along with most here strongly believed Barbar to have died. But if I was had I want to know about it.
I liked her postings and was sad by her demise but not as sick and sad as I am by Linda, Jane Doe, guest1 and now Imelda (theodora) postings. You all seem to want to have a dirty site. Well that is what is very sickening. Please post something to do with regards to fibro, that would be more favourable.


Iinda - January 14

I really expected more from you Virg. I have been posting here for ages & did not "come out" to reveal anything! I was just shocked by all that I learned today and I don't have to defend myself.... YOU do!


jane doe - January 14

Virgie, You didn't come clean, you got caught. And the POINT is that many of us LOVED you guys, and were extremely HURT. Do you get that? Hurt by Barbar's "suicide". No one wants a dirty site, but you 3 made it that way by faking a SUICIDE. Maybe you didn't know about it. If that is the case then I am sorry for lumping you in with Teresa and Barbar. I'm sure things will get back to normal in a little while, but please don't blame the wrong people for this, if you must find blame, blame the ones who have played terrible , disgusting head games with sick people who are very affected by stress. Surely you must realize that the postings of Barbar leading to her "suicide" and hearing of her "suicide" made alot of us feel just horrible. I sincerely hope you were not in on this.


jane doe - January 14

Answer: After seeing this post: Name: tcmby | Date: January 14, 2007, 4:35 Answer: Yes guest1.... you are a smart cookie, thanks for saying what I've been thinking! And TERESA (oops... I mean BRENDA...) may be "from" CA but currently lives in SW Missouri with her pet cat Bobby in a trailer. Lyle (Ooops again... fibro fog... I mean Barbar) does have a bird named Percy. I have actually seen a picture she downloaded online of her & Percy on a bird enthusiast's site.... she was posting there as recently as YESTERDAY... I know its her because she mentioned this fibro site there a few months ago, which directed me here..... such a VERY poor covering of one's tracks! = I googled a couple things and found this site too. I WILL NOT post the info, (I'm really not that mean) but yes Virg, it is out there. Last posting was today. Barbar, will we hear from you? =


Iori - January 15

thanks tcmby. Virgie if you were looking for that link it is:



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