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to sleep or not to sleep grrr
7 Replies
Andrea - January 8

okay i am so tired of this stupid insomnia i've tried every sleeping pill in the book nothing is helping, could it be that i'm stressed about having to take my kitten in for a procedure, on tuesday, i'm worried about her being under anesthesia again, and leaving her for two nights in a row...great i just realized a new trauma...same vet where we put our dog down. :(

how do you cure your insonmnia....


dana - December 31

yeah, if anyone knows tell us now. i also have tried every sleeping pill on the market. every night i take neurontin, elavil, ambien, xanax, and melatonin. then i wake up a few hours later and take another ambien, and sometimes i get lucky and sleep like 5 whole hours in a night.


Jean - January 3

Your problem with insomnia and I have had insomnia for 4 years. You may have an underlying condition causing your insomnia. They do have sleep clinics also who could find out your problem. Sleep apnea could be a problem as well as your partner snoring and keeping you awake. Mine was restless leg syndrome and since I have the proper medication now I am able to get my sleep. Ask your doctor again what you need to do about this problem.Hope you find out and have a Happy New Year. :) smile


Andrea - January 3

I didn't need a sleep study but jean your right and I should have one done, cuz it could be sleep apena and not restless leg syndrome like i'm thinking it is...but I know why i can't sleep now, it's cuz my kitten wants food and she can't have any, and she's whining...

I've tried ambien i can't take them i get hallucinations really bad like scary bad.

thanks for the reply's and happy new year to you all too...


Alison - January 3

There is a problem with sleeping pills and FM anyway. Sleeping pills make you more likely to have nightmares. I already have nightmares most nights. My problem isn't lack of sleep (well, somtimes it is but mostly I get enough sleep, just not the restful kind) but so many bad dreams that I wake up feeling awful. From what I've read it's a lack of level 4 sleep, the deep restorative sleep, that is the biggest problem for people with FM, and sleeping pills won't get you to that level anyway. The old tricks still work to a degree. Regular bedtimes, a shower or bath before bed, lavendar oil on a tissue on your pillow, relaxing music, camomille or sleepy time tea, a massage, breathing exercises etc. Not all work for everyone, but some combination of the above may help.


Jean - January 4

Hello everyone. I will tell you that it is not good to be on sleeping medication for long periods of time because if you are that means there has to be some other condition keeping you from sleeping. The only way to find out is tell your doctor and find out what is going on. Don't let it slip by like I did for 4 years. There has to be something else going on and mine was restless leg syndrome and now I am able to sleep because I'm on the right medication. talk to your doctor. :) smile


Debbie - January 6

Jean/what do you take for your restless leg? I have been on Mirapex one tablet and it gave me insomnia. Any suggestions to ask my Dr.? I managed on Klonapin for a long time, and my new Dr. doesn't believe in perscribing it. I go to another new Dr. at the end of the month and want so desperatly to find the right combo for me. Thanks for all your support to this web site. It's a good thing.


Jean - January 8

Hi Debbie: Have you thought that the Miraplex might be causing the problem? I take Remeron as my antidepressant-less side affects. Remember medications can also cause the problem just relay that to your doctor to try a new plan because this one is not working.. :) smile



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