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to everyone who responded to my post on FIBRO FOG --from Ralph PLEASE READ!!!
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ralph - December 24

thank you to all who responded to my post on the fibro fog issue. i really do thank you for your support, concern, and advice. it is good to have people you can talk to and who you know are experiencing the symptoms that you have. in other words, that i am not alone in this. you are all more than kind and i genuinely appreciate it.
one of my concerns though about this foggy feeling in the head is this --- How did it just appear out of nowhere one day? Why does it seem to go on and on and on like that energizer bunny? sometimes you feel like the docs must have misdiagnosed you. that they are missing something. that this will develop into something far worse. i don't know, i guess i am babbling here. i had brain mri with and without contrast -- all normal, all autoimmune tests came back perfectly normal,cervical spine and lumbar spine mri 8 years ago all normal, pulmonary function tests normal, lyme titer normal.I have had the general pain and fatigue for the past 8 years and have always chalked it up to stress. i just dealt with it. then 3 years ago and especially last year trouble breathing and blurred vision. then i went back to neurologist just in October. He said the results of my test revealed nothing serious, just a quality of life issue. He then gave me the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. would you all feel confident that it is not anything serious (life threatening). it is hard to believe it is not anything horrible when you feel so horrible.
thanks again to you all and Merry Christmas to you Happy and Health New Year too.


Jean - December 24

Hi Ralph: You are very frustrated and I don't blame you in the least. It is very hard to accept something that does not show up on a test. This fibro-fog is a terrible thing and not many answers to it. I understand where you're coming from All I know to say is try staying off sugars, high carbrahydrates and cafffiene and see if that dosn't help. It helped me it might for you. In fact I hope it does help you. I feel You feel we do not understand but we do. It is hard to accept. Please try the reponceses and see if any of them work. We are with you. Merrry Christmas and a better New Year.



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