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To: Debra From: Linda
7 Replies
Linda - September 21

Hi Debra, I think I may have solved part of the mystery at least. My teenage son had his friend sleep over last night and they were up screwing around all night. I have this site bookmarked and was on it before I retired last night. I thought they were screwing around in the computer room last night, there was popcorn everywhere, anyway. The history shows that they were probably on this site and others all night long. He knows what fibro is, as I have it, and that it isn't funny. I am going to have a talk with him when I get home tonight. I don't think any one person out here is trying to get your goat. It's probably a few brace-faced 14 year olds who are bored and acting like idiots. Have a good one.


Parker - September 12

thanks for that Linda.


kids - September 13

most of the rude comments and controversial postings did seem like the work of kids


Brandy - September 13

I think the best thing to do is ignore these off beat comments, who ever is posting them. I take what helps me and leave the rest.


Tina - September 14

I dont think this was an act of kids.And if this were to be true,your kids would be really sick in the head.This is adults doing this and more than a few of them.


Arlene - September 18

The only person impersonating Debra is Debra. Haven't you caught on to her games yet? Nobody cares enough to impersonate her so she does it herself jut to be able to play victim and get attention. "Linda" and her teenage kids are just another Debra moment.


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz - September 21

Name: donna | Date: August 17, 2006, 11:45 am
Answer: are some of you people not smart enough to realize that it was not Debra? Do you not realize anyone can type any name in? I've had enough of the people on this site blaming someone for something they did not do. Moving on..


donna - September 21

here we go again! stop pulling my old postings up & using them out of context! I will not stand for this anymore debra! are you going to go after everyone here? I saw Linda's replies & you are doing the exact same thing to her. I don't even know you? why are you picking on me? you picked the wrong gal to mess with! I've had it, ladies lets do whatever it takes to get her OFF!!!!



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