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To Barbar & All
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TERESA - October 14

Name: barbar | Date: October 11, 2006, 11:00
Answer: Teresa, I'm from Sacramento!!! Although I haven't been home since 1992. How far are you from Joplin? If you've already been diagnosed, then there has to be someone in Joplin who can attend to you and help you get disability, especially if you have been diagnosed with lupus. Can you get to an attorney who specializes in social security claims? They work with low incomce folks all the time. While you're working in that, do you have any other support groups? There may be some for lupus in Jolin. Where is the nearest university with a med school? That would actually be your best choice. What resources are around you, available to you? Do you belong to a faith community or any other support community? Please let me know all the details. = Name: TERESA | Date: October 11, 2006, 11:30
Answer: Barbara, I moved from CA in 1979. My best friend in high school was named Barbara! Wow is't that wierd !!! My dad was in the service so we lived all over, but CA was where we were stationed the longest. That's why I call CA home & wish I was back there many many times!! The rest of your questions I will have to answer later because I 'm already LATE. =
Barbar, I live about 45 miles south of Joplin. I am now wondering who I am going to see, now that the doctor @ the clinic I was going to is leaving!! I know that the rheumatologist I was seeing would probably see me again,but I CAN'T AFFORD HIM! As far as disability goes I have not even tried to apply! I got turned down for medical assistance, so I've not even tried to get DISABILITY! The nearest university with a med school would probabily be Kansas City. I do live in a faith based community & have a very good support system ( I'm lucky that way). I have also found this site to be very helpful! I want to thank all of you here that have shown your concern & support!!! THANKS ALL!!


barbar - October 16

Members of your faith community may be able to help. Get in touch with the university hospital in Kansas City to see if they have a rheumatologist who specializes in fibro. Expalin your situation to them and see if you can get an appointment. Explain also that you really can't afford to see anyone and that you are relying on support, etc., to get to the doctor. Thus explain to them that you would like an appointment ONLY if it is likely to provide some help and relief, as you are not only going a lot out of your way but also inconveniencing others. They the university doctors would likely have to see you several times but might be able to help. First thing is to get a really GOOD test for Lyme disease and rule that out. DOn't be afraid if they suggest putting you on 'the patch' and also realize that still you may not get any relief until they have up'ped the dosage on the patch one or two times. Contrary to popular belief, 'the patch' does not make your body blind to pain. It only knocks out a very limited set of pains. You will still need your NSAIDS for your arthrities (if you have any), for example and your meds for any neurological pain. You still feel even pain of that particular set, you just feel less of it (unlike the effect of Percocet where you still feel the pain, you just don't care). Anyway, remember, that 'taking care of yourself ' means rigorous pain management on your part. Oh, what a mess this thing is!!! Good luck!



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