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To:Barbar From:Debra4Real
5 Replies
Debra4Real - October 7

Hello:Barbar I would like to thank you.You always have something possitive to say.Your words are from the heart.Your very kind and logical.You have made a few very good points on here.I would like to be very honest with you.I came on this forum a couple of days ago and used the name Debra4Real because that is my real name Debra.I tried to use Debra 1 and Debra 2 but they where taken.There are as you said many other Debra's out here.No one should get mad at me for using the name Debra4real.I have recently left a few very nice decent messeges for some of the people out here,i was being kind not rude or anything.I left a messege for TERESA and then she go's and puts a mean post up about me I also left a nice messege for the other Debra and she is cutting me up really bad and not saying very nice things at all.I wonder who she really is??.I am not causing a problem the other Debra is.That is very,very clear,if you read anything from her its so negitive and rude.When i try to leave a messege for anyone i get attacked.I dont know why??.There has been alot of problems in the past with this forum,and many,many people were playing around.The name Debra was the game of choice.People used and cursed and went way overboard with it.It was stupid.The minute that i came out here as you have read they jump and start all over again.People out here hate and i mean hate Debra they all think that its one person.Now that is pretty closed minded and sad.I am very much like you for i just want to help others and make them smile.This forum is all about trying to get through this Fibromyalgia pain and to help oneanother with the struggle.Someone out here today dragged out an old rude post from Debra and tried to make a point.Now thats what i call trying to stir the pot again.The people that are on here right now should leave all that nonsense behind and there anger as well.This is not who said what or who did what.This is a new clean forum and people like you are trying so very,very hard to keep it that way.I dont like when anyone bothers you and they have because i have read some of it.You dont deserve any negitive comments at all.Your the Angel out here and the glue to keep all peace and friendship.I'm going to get bashed and cut up from some of the others for leaving you this messege,trust me i know.People should learn to be nice and let go of what they did and what they went through on this forum.I have been on this forum in the past as well and had to go through some really hard times.Its not a war out here is a place of Friendship,support,and advice.We all do the best that we can with trying to help eachother not hurt oneanother.I'm not out here to play a saint.I'm out here to try to help others and to try to find a way to cope with this horrible Fibromyalgia. If none of the other people want to exchange messeges with me,then i'm o.k. with that.But i'm not o.k. with people leaving me rude messeges for no reason.It seems that someone dislikes me alot and that there mission is to make anyone and everyone out here dislike me.I DONT CARE for that nonsense.Its very foolish.I really would like to say Thank You for understanding everything and Thank You for being YOU.....I wish you all the best of health and happiness.And may God bless you for having a good soul.Take Good Care...Always Debra.


TERESA - October 7

Debra4Real, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings! I was only saying that I FELT that putting 4Real behind your name implies that ALL other Debras are imposters! This can only cause hard feelings! I think you should have used something less inflamatory, ei.. your age, year of birth, state your from...etc! But what's done is done. Again I am sorry if I you were hurt, but let's stop dicussing this matter & go on! I intend to & I am, from now on, not going to extend anymore energy on this topic!


Debra4Real - October 8

Hi:TERESA Thanks for your messege.The name i used Debra4Real just means that Debra is my real name thats all.I dont think that the name i'm using should affend anyone,well i would hope that it wouldnt.You and everyone out here know that there are a few Debras and a few Debra imposters as well.I try to ignore then as much as i can,but sometimes it can be really hard because they use your exact words and phrases and then they add a twist to it by saying something really rude or cursing someone.Well,i'm very happy with the changes on this forum and i hope that this will bring some good luck,health,happiness for everyone on here.TERESA i wish you the very best of health&happiness ...Always Debra.Thank You.


barbar - October 10

Debra4Real, I am so sorry you have had to endure such pain and discomfort from the one place you had come for just the opposite. Yes, I had read all the posts and they are disheartening and extremely negative. Like you, I don't understand why anyone would post them. The only thing I can think of is displaced pain. We are all suffering and enduring a lot. I have recently come to understand that we don't even have a very good idea of how much we are going through. I recently switched doctors, this one is one of the nation's top doctors on fibromyalgia, and he has sent me for pain counseling. Wow. I have learned how much of the hurt and agony I have unwittingly displaced into my personality and onto others. Apparently, it is part of the pain syndrome and most if not of those suffering from chronic pain do it to some extent. We just don't realize we are doing it and neither do we realize that we are hurting and that that is what is causing it. I think that that is all the more reason that we have to support one another. Pain is a complex phenomenon and only now is the medical community beginning to take chronic pain seriously and do some research. We have the fate (or the luck) of being the patients in that group. The medical community learns something new about chronic pain syndrome every day BUT we have to live with it EVERY DAY. We shouldn't be surprised if we see signs of one of our own displacing their pain into imagined events. It is part of our torture that we do it. We have all probably done something similar---however minor---and we need to be candid and honest with ourselves about it and enter it into our logs and our journals. We must monitor ourselves and our condition because we have to help out the doctors, that's what I am learning. There may be nasty little things that we do. We need to recognize it, stop doing it, understand that that is our pain talking (either our physical pain or our psychological or emotional pain from having to deal with our physical pain), identify the pain, and learn other ways of dealing with it. In a sense, we have the 'honor' of being the first in this process of medical discovery. We have a responsibility to all who come after us to do the best job we can at understanding our syndrome so we can do our best at helping them. We owe them. So, Debra4Real, I thank you so much for your so kind and flattering remarks. I also urge us all to be kind to one another; to help us identify and deal with this misplaced pain, if that's what it is; and remember that each and every one of us is doing our best at enduring an indescribable condition. Even at that, there are many in the world who are going through far, far worse than we ever will and they are enduring it with smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts. We are by far not the worst off in this world and we should have some perspective. But please, what does it take to be kind to one another?


BrandyO - October 10

Barbar, I also feel you are very wise and kind hearted. I love reading your post. Many blessing and soft hugs to you my dear! Brandy :)


barbar - October 11

Thanks, BrandyO. I think I am about the same as everybody. We all just need to get along. But thanks for your sweet words.



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