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Phyllis - December 23

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and am now experiencing incredible jaw pain. How do I cope with this? It is almost unbearable.


Jean - December 20

Hello Phyllis: Medication helps and stretching helps. There's not much else to do with it except stretch those muscles. Happy Holidays


Bill - December 21

I'm curious to know what your symptoms are.
Which muscles are affected? (masseter, temporalis) Do you have any TMJ problems? any clicking in the jaw joint? Do you grind your teeth at night? (bruxism) Are you more stressed out at this time?

I was diagnosed with TMJD, arthralgia, a displaced articular disc and myofascial pain on the left side of my face. I first saw a dentist who referred me to an oralfacial specialist. The specialist has fitted me for an oral repositioning appliance, I have had injections on various facial muscles with botox with some relief. Moist heat is good for the muscles along with some controlled stretching. Diclofenac (pennsaid) in a cream form that that is topically applied to the sore muscles. (it's an anti-inflammatory medication) Also, some muscle relaxants, pain killers and possibly gabapentin, and anti-depressants can help. Also, be careful with your chewing. . . eat soft foods, don't cradle the phone between your head and shoulders, watch your stress levels. I have battled a lot of facial pain for 5 years and I really feel for you. I hope that something I mentioned will be of help to you.


Jean - December 23

Thank you Bill for your good answers to this problem. I did not know what to say but I have been experiencing some stiffness in the jaw area and the muscles around the right side of the eye and it is also giving me some difficulty. I do know and I just read up on it that some dentists give TMJD message and they probably know other treatments that will apply to this. Again Thanks. Happy Holidays



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