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INPAINDAILYJC - September 21

Ever since I was little I had problems with the alignment of my teeth. When I was in 6th grade, the orthodonist wanted to break my jaw and realign it. My mother wouldn't let them do this to me.

Well, I have been realizing lately, this painful popping (I always have had the popping, but not the pain) in my jaw...

This didn't seem to be a problem before, but it is starting to pop more and hurt more often. To the point I cannot open my jaw and eat..

I hate to think this is yet ANOTHER perk of Fibro. Does anyone have severe problems with this? Anything I can do to make it feel better?


Fantod - September 21

Yes - this is another "perk" associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS). You need to see a dentist who specializes in TMJ. Untreated, it can lead to headaches, neck, shoulder and arm pain and veritgo. A bite splint is needed to allow your jaw to relax while you sleep. I have had TMJ for years inspite of having braces twice. Take care.


duhda75 - September 30

Yeah, as Fantod said TMJ is just another perk of FMS. I also suffer from it. My jaw pops on a daily basis and sometimes it is very painful. Sometimes a dentist is needed to algin or possibly size u for a brace. Good luck :0)


Stacey373 - September 30

Hi JC - I also have severe TMJ. I actually never realized it could cause so many problems until I got onto this site. I deal with constant headaches, major jaw pain, and neck and shoulder pain from this. I've tried the mouth splints and they only make me feel worse. Every time I try to wear one at night I wake up the next morning with my jaw killing me because I guess I'm subconsciously trying to get it out of my mouth all night long.

What I've noticed that causes it to hurt more is clinching your jaw shut. I realized a while back that I do this without even realizing it...when I'm stressed, or when I'm concentrating, and even when I would lay down to go to sleep. I started trying to re-train myself NOT to do I paid more attention and every time I caught myself doing that I would have to physically relax my jaw and consciously force myself to do this for awhile each time. I actually started with when I go to sleep...I would force my mouth/jaw to relax and even leave my mouth hanging open and support my jaw with my hand under my head....after a while of doing this, I now automatically fall to sleep this way. at first it feels really weird, but eventually you get used to it and it helps ALOT!

Now the only time my jaw hurts is when I'm nervous or stressed out....I will either bite my nails or bite the inside of my cheeks incessantly. It's a really bad habit that causes me ALOT of pain if I don't make myself stop doing it.

The other thing I do when my jaw gets to hurting...also my temples on each side of my forehead hurt. I will spend about 30 minutes rubbing my jaw and my temples. Basically wherever it hurts, that's where you need to rub. If it's real bad I will lay down on my side and lay my head on my knuckles and rub all those areas that way. I have to say this will hurt like hell...but it will make it feel better after wards.

I hope my suggestions help you. Take Care, Stacey :o)


Fibrosukz - October 2

I have had TMJ for 6yrs now, very painful!! I have been to specialists and they sent me to get ultrasounds on the side of my jaw, feels nice for the moment but the pain just comes back. I cant sleep with the splint makes me gag. When it gets bad i rub the side of my jaw,infront of my ear and put Myoflex there. All my dr's told me its chronic and wont go away. They have given me techniques to use, such as, when u yawn...u need to put your fist on the bottom of your chin to support it so your mouth doesnt open wide. Make sure your tongue lays behind your top teeth.And some of the exercises are to put a fist on the side of your jaw and move your jaw to that side, like a resistance. But your best bet is to see a dentist that is familiar with it or a TMJ Specialist. Hope you feel better :o)



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