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Tired with Insomnia and pain
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I know almost everyone out there has had problems with sleeping. Well, I take Ambien every other day (that is all the doctor will prescribe). I also have Ativan 1mg for my anxiety which I sometimes use to sleep.

Well, tonight I have tried BOTH meds and nothing is working. My whole body feels like it has been ran over. I am tired and just want to sleep! This gets very annoying..

I have tried over the counter Melatonin yet that doesn't work well either. Oh and the Lunesta leaves a HORRIBLE taste in your mouth. One that I couldn't handle! :(

Any new ideas would be appreciated. Or just someone speaking out and letting me know they suffer with this as well. I feel all alone and depressed.

I am going to try to find something to help me go to sleep.

Good night all... MAYBE



Noca - January 2

I will be taking Zopiclone 15mg and using sleep music to get to sleep tonight. Have you tried sleep music? It actually works and I'm a chronic insomaniac with chronic pain.


kvc33 - January 2

If I do too much during the day I can't get to sleep at night, my body actually needs lots of rest before it can shut down. Are you thinking a lot, is your mind involved? Go to bed and if you aren't asleep within 20 mins get up and do something or just go to a different room. This can help to train your body and mind to go to sleep once you are in bed. If your sleep cycle is messed up you may benefit from light therapy as it can help to reset your body clock. I find that a short walk during the day helps me to get to sleep at night. Are you completely off caffeine? No chocolate, no colas no coffee or tea unless it's decaffeinated? You can also try herbs such as valerian and camomile.




I use a fan as my noise at night. What medicine do you take? I haven't heard of that before. It is for insomnia?

Yeah, my mind goes crazy with thoughts. I have Ativan that I take about an hour or something before I go to sleep.
I haven't cut out all caffeine or chocolates. Guess that would help. Even though I do not drink pop after around 7 at night. Just because I would think it would irritate my sleep. But the chocolate is still three.

I have tried the Over the counter Melatonin and that doesn't help either..

I will try new things and keep you both updated. Thanks for the responses!


Fantod - January 3

Jennifer - Have you tried Calms Forte? You can find it at the Vitamin Shoppe or any health food store should have it. Last night I tried a new product called "Mid Nite" (also at the Vitamin Shoppe) which is supposed to help you get back to sleep if you wake up with whirring brain (at least that's what I call it) in the middle of the night. I took it with Calms Forte to see what would happen. I did get some sleep but overall the thing it seemed to help with most with was feeling relaxed when I got up this morning.

What you are experiencing is normal for anyone who has Fibromyalgia (FMS). FMS interrupts the deep sleep cycle with short bursts of high intensity brain activity. You muscles need deep sleep in order to repair themselves from the days activities. No deep sleep means higher levels of pain. It is no wonder that you feel like your body has been run over. Have you tried Amitriptyline for sleep problems associated with FMS? There are plenty of options. If your doctor won't cooperate than find someone new. Effectively treating the sleep issues associated with FMS is a crucial part of treatment.

I am always sleep deprived to some degree no matter what I do. Every day is different. I just try to do the best I can and hope that eventually I will get some of the sleep that I need. Hang in there, you are not alone.




I haven't tried those over the counter meds. I do take Celexa (not sure if that is a Amitriptyline). I just don't know what to do with this anymore. I am totally aware that the lack of deep sleep will continue to affect my pain cycle. I just wish it would go away.

I am going to try to call the doctor soon. I need some help and solutions... I feel as if I am at the end of the rope!

Thanks for the response. Hope you get everything under control yourself :)


Fantod - January 3

Jennifer, Amitriptyline and Celexa are not the same medication but they are both used to treat depression. I think you should seriously consider getting a second opinion on your situation. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes can be very helpful. Take care.


kvc33 - January 3

Cut out the pop and see if it makes a difference. You are either ingesting artificial sweeteners or a load of sugar, both of which are not good for you. Write down your worries before bed and tell yourself that you are done with them for the day when you get into bed. Switch to herbal teas such as camomile. Decaf green tea has a substance in it called theanine which acts as a relaxant.


Noca - January 3

INPAINDAILYJC - Zopiclone is Lunesta's sister drug. I am going to compile a list of the sleep aids that I know of that you can ask your doctor for :) All of these should be available in the United States. I hope this helps give you some idea on the medication end of solving your sleep problems.

Tricyclic antidepressants - Amitriptyline(Elavil), Nortriptyline(Pamelor)

Tetracyclic antidepressant- Mirtazapine(Remeron) *this one is EXTREMELY sedating*

Z Drugs - Lunesta, Zaleplon(Sonata), Ambien/Ambien CR(Zolpidem)

Antihistamines - Benadryl(Diphenhydramine), Dimenhydrinate, Hydroxyzine, Cyproheptadine

Benzodiazepines - Midazolam(Versed), Halcion(Triazolam), Xanax(Alprazolam)

Older Antipsychotics - Thorazine(Chlorpromazine ), Haldol(Haloperidol)

Newer Atypical Antipsychotics - Seroquel(Quetiapine), Geodon(Ziprasidone)

Other - Trazodone(Desyrel), Melatonin, Valerian




Thank you for the list of medications. I sure hope to be at the doctor soon so I can figure out what is going on. I have to get some sleep and get the pain to go away! I feel like i am losing it...

Thanks again everyone! I will keep you updated!



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