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4 Replies
FibroGal - October 26

As my friends here know, I'm 47. Dxed with fibro about 2000, dxed with IBS 1980. I've been under quite a bit of stress and I guess it is showing up in my gut.

I am tired of the constant abdominal tenderness and diffuse abdominal ache. Do any of you guys with IBS have that?? I read that those of symptoms of Crohn's, but can it be of IBS, as well?? I also have gas and bloating and my GERD is worse, too. I can't even have sex with my husband without getting gassy!

I hate anxiety. Yesterday, I was worried about something else but today it's Crohn's.

Ugh. Someone stop the world. I want to get off.


iliveinpain - October 26

It's hard to not have anxiety when we're going thru what we have to go thru everyday. As far as the IBS, I think the bloating, etc., is all a part of that. IBS is a big part of fibro. My husband and I try to schedule sexy time, like, on the weekends in the afternoon, before we've eaten. Or if we know we're probably going to be in the mood, we'll eat light hahah sounds weird, but whatever works right?? Anyway I've found that That keeps the other problems you mentioned at bay usually. He is very patient and understanding with me also, and that helps.


Fantod - October 27

FibroGal - I just read another one of your posts about IBS and stomach problems. I have to say that you are NOT a nusiance by any stretch of the imagination. You keep it real - honesty is what this board is all about. If you can't unload here what is the alternative? You relieve some of your anxiety and in the process you may help someone else who is in the same boat. Take care.


axxie - October 27

Hey there girlfriend, you are who you are, and that's all ok with us. Don't feel bad, somedays I feel I'm totally in control and then something happens, and my brain goes off in a tangent and I get the same feelings as you do.

As for gas, yep get that too, and when hubby and I have a romantic encouter and I go off, I laugh it off, what else can you do!

Yep, got the GERD, gas and IBS my solution is to walk, walk, and walk some more and stay away from the fatty foods and the pop drinks, that fizz will make you pop gas, and no dairy products, absolutely no bread whatsoever of any kind and no flour products. If you stick to just salads, meat and vegetables, drinking loads of water, and your walk, you will loose most of the GERD, and IBS and you should clear the air also.


FibroGal - October 28

"Pop?" "Clear the air?" LOL. Thanks for the tips. I know I need to avoid certain things but it's *so* hard! It's so hard to avoid pop and chocolate. I've really cut way back on them and, yeah, I do walk 1/2 hour 2-3x a week. You've offered some great advice. Thank you.

Thank you for your encouragement as well. I hope you did not feel embarrassed sharing your idea because I hadn't thought of it and I think it's great! I will certainly talk to my husband about it and give planned, pre-meal sex a try. You just may be on to something there.

What can I say but you are a gem on this forum, friend. Your encouragement, advice, and inspiration is a staple for so many of us. Thank you for sharing your empathy and wisdom.

Well, my anxiety drove me to the doctor today and he confirmed (again) it's my IBS and GERD reacting to stress and anxiety. Believe it or not, I have felt better today since it seems to have eased my mind. I know fibro is a pain in the butt but I thank God for my health.

And I appreciate this forum *so much*. I appreciate that we can talk about anything here, that nothing is taboo. It is so hard to be tired, in pain, hurt, and feel downright sickly some days. This is a great place to connect.

Thank you, friends.



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