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KBRAINARD - November 2

Hello all,

I have a few questions along with statements. Has anyone else gained alot of weight with fms.I have gained 40lbs in 3 years,I feel like a fat cow always. I'm not sure if its the med's I take every day. It seems like everytime I go to the Dr.Im put on something new. I'm tired of taken meds.

Second thing.. my husband and I have talked about having a baby. Let me tell you we have been talking for about 2 years about this. With all the weight I have already gained Im not sure my body can take another 40lbs. I also worry about how much pain I will be in. I'm sure I will have to go off all my meds while preg.Can anyone help me out with the weight gain along with the input on having a baby.
-This is a list of meds I take.
CYDTOMEL 10 MCG A DAY ( this is for thyroid)
OMEPRAZOLE DR 20 MG (for heart burn)
ACID CONTOLLER 20 (for heart burn)
VESICARE 5 MG (this is for badder control
YAZ (birth contol)
HYDROCODNE 5/500 (for bad days)
FLEXERIL 5MG (muscel relaxant for bad days)


chela - November 2


All I can tell you is that I have gained weight. I do not know if it is the medication or the condition. I used to take Lyrica & also tried Cymbalta but they gave me a "high" feeling and made me sleep too much. Therefore I stopped taking them. The only one I take now is tramadol for pain. However, I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow and supposedly, there are some weekly injections that not only help with the pain but also help you lose weight. I will keep you posted.

In regards to conceiving, the thought has crossed my mind about having another child. However, I am concerned about how the medicines I have taken would affect the baby. So for now I am not planning on conceiving. I have not read anything about the experiences of Fibro patients pregancies and outcomes.

Good Luck!


Noca - November 2

Weight can be lost using appetite suppresants such as Topamax(Topiramate) or Wellbutrin XL. Stronger stimulants like Ritalin or Adderall are sometimes used to treat obese patients. They work by lowering your appetite thus lowering your calorie intake thus losing weight.

There is another drug to lose weight called "Ali", it works differently then the appetite suppressants.



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