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Tired of being in pain..I want my life back
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catwomaninky - June 9

I am new here. I am 43, recently had a total hysterectomy 3 months ago. I am on depression medicine as well as hormone therapy. Ever since my surgery, I am in constant pain. My whole body hurts as if I am an old lady. My bones hurt from my head to my toes. My lower back hurts so bad just trying to stand up to get ready for work is so painful. It depresses me that I can't do the things that I used to do. As soon as I wake up in the morn, my first thought is I can't wait to go back to sleep. I am tired all day, have no energy, no appetite, no interest in anything. I have been to my gyn for checkups and she said some people are "slow healers". I am due to go back again on the 22nd. I don't know if it is time for me to seek another dr. family dr. or what. Can anyone give me any suggestions as to what I should do or does my symptoms sound like they could be fibromylagia? Please give me some suggestions as I need some help.


axxie - June 9


Oh, it's dreadful, I know how you feel, had it awhile ago. When believe me when I tell you, that you just need to take it easy, you are at the begining of your fibro.

I don't know what kind of medication she has you one, but it might be worthwhile to read up on the antidepressant she has given you and also the hormones.

Start taking short walks, with rests, take a multivitamin, the one I recommend is marterna, take one in the morning with your breakfast, and take another one at 1p.m. you must have at least 6 to 8 hours in between, but make sure you do not past the 3p.m. zone, as it might interfere with your sleep cycle. After a week, take only one multivitamin per day and continue for the rest of your life.

This will provide you with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs and you might see a difference with your healing.


judie58 - June 16

i am not sure what depression med you are on, i am now on cymbalta and it appears to be helping alot with the chronic pain, i am only on a week so i don't have full effects, but drastically better in the morning, still pain at night, but not as bad as it was, perhaps try a med change i would discuss with your doctor


axxie - June 17

I bet you that the antidepressant you are on, is probably the culprit. Either it's low or too high and it doesn't fit you well. Tell your gyno to change your antidepressant that should see a difference.

Have you google the name of your antidepressant and did you read all the information about it, have you talk to your pharmacist, sometimes just talking to the pharmacist will enlighten you on what is not working for you.

Take care and let us know how you feel after speaking with the pharmacist and your gyno. Its hard for us to tell you if you have something when we don't know the whole story. Maybe your thyroid is not working right, I would get that checked for sure.


michelle J - June 17

I would say to you if you cant get your doctor to understand that you feel its something more than I would find another doctor.go to your primary and tell them what is going on . my doctor told me it was just the flu and had to take its course after having a blood test that confirmed what he said I still had problems six weeks later and said to him its more than a flu he said we needed to do more blood work and he came back with I had fms he confirmed it by ruling out other tests. Dont give up on getting answers / my back surgeon said to me NO ONE knows your body better than you and if you feel this way - then I have no reason not to believe you we will do what you can. there are some real good medical doctors and you just need one you can feel comfortable with . GOOD LUCK


The Bonz - June 17

I agree with what everyone has said here. Sometimes you have to be "aggressive" with your doctors when it comes to your health and how you feel. No one knows your body better that you. You know what is "normal" for you and what is not. I used to be shy and just do what the doctor said, but this pain is too intense to not get relief. I just had to change my doctors because I lost my health insurance (can not work any more) and now I go to the V.A. clinic which is free. They do not offer Cymbalta, but they do offer another brand (cant remember the name of it). It is hard because the Cymbalta was working. Catwoman, you HAVE to take control of your own health. If you don't no one else will. If you have the ability to get a second opinion by all means get one, two, three, heck as many as you need until you find someone who will help you deal with your issues! Girl power, lol!!


JOEGIRL - July 10

Tired of being in pain.. I want my life back.,, I have been saying that for about 3 years now and I have come to the conclusion that my life will never be like it was before fibro. Its hard to deal with but I am trying to take control and make the best of it.
Some days are bad and some days are better. Never like it was over 3 years ago tho. I miss the old me. T he woman that was so full of energy and loving life.
Iam not sure if you have fibro or maybe your hormones are out of order from your hysterectomy. Hope for your sake its the latter and a hormone pill might get your life back . Good luck



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