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Tired and sore!
7 Replies
toots2889 - May 6

Hello to all! Its been awhile as my computer went down and had to save to buy a new one. But im back now and boy does it feel good.
I have been so sore and tired lately, that I was wondering what the heck was going on with me. I just cant get enough sleep right now, and joints that never bothered me before hurt right along with everything else.I come on the site and know exactly whats wrong with me. Its just that time of the year where a bunch of us got to go thru hell and back. Yeah! Right know im just listening to what my body wants or needs. It feels so good to be back and cant wait to keep in touch with you all again. Take Care.


Fantod - May 6

Hi toots2889 - Welcome back to the group. Its great to hear from you! I'm right there with you. The weather swings are killing me too. I'm just trying to take it easy and wait for everything to level out. Keep in touch!


wonnievt - May 6

hi i'm new but i understand, i live in vermont and the weather is not my friend.I pray everyday for warm and sunshine. I hope thinf level out soon for you


toots2889 - May 7

Thanks for the welcome back. Boy have I missed you and your wisdom. Hows it going besides the rain storm are bodies are in right now?
Everythings been as good as can be here.


Fantod - May 7

toots2889 - I'm managing OK all things considered. You know the drill - one good day and six bad ones. No point in whining as it doesn't do much good. Besides, I need that energy for more productive pursuits. I would go crazy without my computer. It is my lifeline to the outside world. I'm really glad that you are back. It's nice to have familiar faces on the board!


toots2889 - May 8

Alright you guys, im having a few other problems i need help with. Fantod, and Axxie, I know you two might have the answers im looking for. My left shoulder has been hurting alot. Its been there for years but not to this extent. Pain is worse, and frequency. The more I use it the worse it gets. It burns and has such pain to where I cant use it. It will go down the arm into the hand. Typing on here will start the flare and if Im on here to long typing Ill be done for the day with this arm. Frozen shoulder? But all the reading ive done says it gets better after time,and mine hasnt. Ive had therapy on it and it feels so good while in therapy but once i start using it again im right back to where i was.


Fantod - May 8

Have you been evaluated by an orthopedic doctor who is a shoulder specialist?

It could be bursitis. I have it in both shoulders and hips. It can be quite terrible at times. The cure for that is PT and eating fresh pineapple. The latter has an enzyme that breaks up bursitis. You absolutely do need treatment in addition to eating pineapple. Bursitis can be very persistent (exhibit A - me). Mine flares with weather changes, when I make poor eating choices like french fries, too much activity or just for the he** of it.

The other two possibilities are a pinched nerve or some sort of problem (disc?) emanating from your neck.

Incidentally, frozen shoulder can be a real nusiance. Even with PT it may not improve a lot. Some cases require surgery.

Call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for an ortho who specializes in shoulders. If you have had other exams on it, tests etc take copies with you to save time and money. Good luck and let me know the outcome.


toots2889 - May 12

Taking your advice and am going to see an orthopedic surgeon on Thursday to see what he thinks is going on. I will let you know what I find out.



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