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Tips for Fibro Symptoms
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Anne Hillebrand - October 30

Night Sweats

Caused by hypoglycemic episode during sleep.
Eat a piece of Swiss Cheese or other slow protein not long before bedtime, so it lasts all night.

Pick" Headaches.

Caused by muscus clinging in narrow passageways of sinus. As it draws water to itself, it swells, causing pressure and intense pain.

Spray 4-Way Brand Nasal Spray into both nostils.
Hold nose closed, tilt head back a little bit and apply air pressure to sinuses.

Works almost instantly. (or any house-brand 1 % Phenylephrine decongestant spray, such as Walgreen's Wal-Four)

Anxiety / Panic, Procrastination, Obsession/Compulsion.
(Seritonin Cluster of Symptoms)

Some Fibros have a cluster of symptoms caused by our brain's signals not traveling correctly.
If you have one of these symptoms, generally you will have all 4:
Depression, Anxiety/Panic, Procrastination, Obsession/Compulsion.

Taking a small amount of SSRI medication, at night, works.
Night is when our bodies do maintenance.

Walking or eating chocolate also stimulate seritonin.


fall asleep or can't stay asleep.

Very common for all Fibros.

Wear an eye mask and ear plugs to block out all light and all sound - at your head.

We are overly sensitive to light and sound. Even a little keeps us from getting to deep restorative sleep.

Having a fan or tv may help us get to sleep, but will also keep us from getting to deep sleep.

When you get enough good sleep, Restless Leg will stop also.

Burning Skin.

Very common symptom for Overly Acidic Fibros.

Especially where skin creases or clothes stay in close contact.

Very acidic perspiration causes it.

Don't wear clothes more than once, especially bras. The acid can be absorbed by the band and build up even worse.

Wipe the area with a warm wet washcloth and most of the acid will be removed.

Bumps on Tongue.

Very common symptom for Overly Acidic Fibros.

These are usually tastebuds swollen with serous fluid and blood.

Dip stainless steel toe nail cutters (the type that look like little electrical pliers) into alcohol.
Looking in the mirror, clip off just the enlarged taste bud. Don't cut your tongue, obviously.

It will drain very quickly. Taste buds are completely shed and replaced about every 10 days anyway.

As soon as the tastebud empties, the pain stops.

and Stiffness.

For short term, temporary use - apply a small amount of Camphor Spirit to areas that are stiff, painful or feel congested. Very small amount. Wipe on like war paint, not like sunscreen.

Stimulates the flow of Serous Fluid. Pain and Stiffness clear very quickly.


For short term temporary use - wiping a very small amount Camphor Spirit on the back of the neck stimulates the flow of Serous Fluids.

Brain Fog clears almost immediately.




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