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Tingly, crawling feeling with Fibro?
4 Replies
Christina - November 30

I have been told I have Fibromyalgia for almost two years now. I finally got the pain under control by taking 25mg Amitriptyline. For seven months now I have this tingly crawling sensation on my all over my body mostly my arms legs and back. It feels like wherever anything touches me like tight clothing or even my hair on my neck it is just agonizingly uncomfortable. If my arm has the feeling and I just rolls up my sleeve it diasappears. I have told my doctor and he sent me to a dermatologist who was no help at all. Sometimes it goes away for a couple days. It has gone away for as long as a month but always comes back for no reason at all. Has anyone with fibro had this experience or can anyone offer any advice. It is driving me crazy. Thanks.


Jean - November 28

This could be anxiety due to the Fibromyalgia. Of course it could be signs of panic attack Are you on any antidepressants?


Suffering - November 28

I had this problem about 10 years ago, at that time even to take a shower the water hurt touching my skin, this only happend so many days a month so I started keeping a journal.
I started seeing a pattern about a week before "that time of the month" I would have headaches, cold feet, skin hurt to the touch, so many other problems they prescribed birth control pills due to a hormones, even though the blood tests were normal. I was only about 33 at the time.


Al - November 28

Christina, Hi I'm an active duty military member and yes this can be caused by fibromyalgia. I have had these tingling crawling feelings also when certain clothing is touching my skin. I have also noticed that this comes a lot when I'm under stress and about to have a panic/anxiety attack. I have found that applying heat or sitting in a hot bathtub helps. I have gone and seen a chiropractic Physician and have noticed some improvement also. I have also noticed the weather seems to trigger it off at times as well.


Jean - November 30

Christina: you may be experiencing myoclonic muscle seizures. Like in restless leg syndrome. This needs to be diagnosed. Klonopin may help with this . Ask your doctor.



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