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Tingling in face in off balance feeling at times.
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Al - November 9

I'm 40 year old male in the military and was told a year ago that I had fibromyalgia. I get this tingling in my face and cheeks mainly. It scare the daylights out of me. I'm thinking of stroke like symptoms. However I just had my arteries scanned and there was no sign of blockage/ no plaque. I had a MRI & MRA done negative findings all normal. Does fibromyalgia also have these symptoms? My new family doctor basically doesn't believe in fibromyalgia he has told me not to mention that to anyone. Unfortunately in the military I can just change my family doc like that. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


tonyab1838 - November 8

This is a symtom of Fibromyalgia. I haven't had the tingling in the face but I have had it in my head. Don't let a Dr. discourage you, this is a very real disorder. I had to change Dr's 10 times to finally get a correct diagnosis. Just keep going! Take care and God bless.


Jean - November 8

Hi Al: Are you still in the military? If so do see a Rheumatologist because they diagnose this condition. And your right I'm finding out there are way to many doctors who do not recognise this syndrome. This might be a very good question to ask the one's who do believe in this syndrome. Yes, seek out another doctor and yes it is a symptom of Fibromyalgia but then again it could be mimicing another underlying condition. Take Care and keep communication open with your doctor.


Al - November 8

Jean & Tonya, thanks for you're response and yes I'm still in the military. This all started about two years after I had my thyroid removed. The family doctor I had before was understanding and listen to everything I said. However the military moved him to a new installation and the current one I have is ok however he sure shows he doesn't agree with this diagnosis. I get this on days where it seems my stress level is up even during times I don't think I'm under stress. I also think the weather plays a roll in it. I'm stationed in New Mexico and during the summer months I didn't notice any symptoms. Again thanks for the information I'll talk to my doc to get a referral.


Jean - November 9

Hi Al. Hope you find a good one. Stay positive and Bless You.



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