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Tingling feeling
7 Replies
TiredTab38 - March 24

The past 6 mos. I get a tingling feeling like ants runnning up and down my left arm. Almost like the tingling you feel when your foot goes to sleep Etc. Anyone else get this? or am I the only one. Not sure if it's the FM or a circulation issue. It drives me buggy! ;o)


TiredTab38 - March 24

It's not my entire arm... just spots.


axxie - March 24

Yes, it's fms, I used to get it all the time, it would drive me batty also. Since I'm on treatment it doesn't happen often.


TRACIEDC74 - March 30



axxie - March 30

Well woke up with it today, tingling, ants running up & down arms, legs and feet, with the burning R& itch associated with it. Oh lets not forget the ringing in my ears, don't talk to loudly and the please turn off the lights.


nlschill - March 31

I blamed the ringing in my ears on the amount of motrin that I have been taking. My chiropractor suggested that I stop the motrin, I did for about 2 weeks, (I also wanted to go to his office after the first 24 hours and hurt him as much as I was hurting) and the ringing was not as noticable, but I needed something to get up and through my day. I have gone on 2 aleve once aday, and the ringing is now back. My primary has talked about cymbalta but I have to wait until the blood work is done and I have to wait another month for the next appointment. In the meantime, there are days that I want to go crazy. How long on average before the doctors will decide to give you something other than loritab? The loritab makes me float. I don't notice the hurt as much but it takes about 2 hours for me to be able to function after taking one.


axxie - April 1

nlschil, hello,

Why it is that you have to wait to see the doctor in a month? is that a rule or something. I mean if you are not doing well, I go back and she accepts me and listens to me, and tries to help me as much as she can. The thing is I don't really know if she knows that much about fibro, but she is sure is understanding and helpful. I'm waiting for an opening to see a rheumy, I was told in 6 weeks from now.

You are right about taking too many motrin, tylenols etc, they all give us ringing in our ears. I forgot that one.

As for waiting a month before getting a prescription for Cymbalta, I would'nt wait, if there are no rules, that says' you have to wait to see your doctor for a month, I'd take another apppointment and say to I would appreciate it if you would please prescribe Cymbalta now, as I can't stand myself being in so much pain.

Tell him you have made your research and you are on this board and that most people are on it and there is benefits of being on it, and then make a list, you feel better much faster, it's a one dose per day, I will be more relax, meaning less stress on me, less over the counter pills. Tell him you know that you may feel nauseated at the beginning but that you are willing to take the pills as prescribed and make it a goal to go through the period of adaptation.

Go Run to the doctors' office.


nlschill - April 2


Thanks for the info about the cymbalta. I am very new to this whole thing. A few things that I see in common for alot of people is the pain in the upper back neck and shoulders. To me, many days, it feels that the weight of the whole world is balanced on my shoulders. I can see that doing simple things like vaccuming - using my right hand espically just sets off the pain. Also I have noticed that the days when I work on the computer all day at work - by 3pm I am hurting and cranky. By the time I drive home I feel as if my whole right arm aches right to my wrist and I don't even want to use it to drive. (It's and ache in the arm - not pain like in the neck and shoulder,though if you press on my forearm, it is very tender. Is this normal for fibro??) I have had my back, neck and shoulder checked and there is nothing "mechanically" wrong with them. I have been told that there is possibility of infamation in those areas and you can feel the "knots" that have developed over the last 9 or so months.



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