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tingling /achey hand/arm/fingers
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belle1329 - February 10

Just got over a bad head cold, was feeling real good, almost felt like the cold took all the poison fibro out of me! Wasnt feeling any pain for a couple of days, got alot of sleep so I think that helped. Ive been exercising regularly and taking a jacuzzi every nite. Thought I defeated the monster!!! but now all of a sudden, my night sweats are back, waking up every few hours and last night I woke up to my arm on the side of me straight out but was asleep! I cant sleep but it can! This has happened alot before butlast nite if feltvery different, cant explaine it, it hurt and was tingling, before it just tingled and was very numb like it was not there. Last nite It took about 20 minutes before it went to almost normal! before it just took a few shakes. I also started feeling a hot flash coming on, and I fliped to my side as my arm was starting to go back to normal, I rested my arm (the crazy one) on my hip/leg and after a second my arm/ wrist started sweating, very weird. Am I crazy?? :( Do others experience the numbness like I experienced it last night, just very weird to me!! ( I do have raynaud not sure if that has anything to do with it) IM also posting another thread about my fingernails! Just would like input. My arm thanks you for any input and so do I :)I get the results of my sleep study tomorrow :) they had a cancelation :) so I get to go early :)


belle1329 - February 10

oops sporry I thought I had posted this to wrong forom so I reposted it But didnt get any responses anyway so. thanks if you do :)


Canada17 - February 10

Were you taking a 'DM' cold medicine, like "Robitussin DM"? My doctor suggested I ask my pharmacist for straight DM (Dexromethorphan Hydrobromide) it's a cough suppressant. Apparently it works well for some Fibromyalgia (FM) patients, but results are inconclusive. I am curious to know if you were taking any medications with DM in it, it may explain why you felt "better" (less Fibro) while you were sick.

My arms/hands often fall asleep when I'm "sleeping" and I think it has to do with the position that I am in.

Also, I experienced (for the first time) last week my left arm was SO sore! I thought I had broken it! I couldn't move it without nauseating pain radiating through it up into my head. I think this was caused by a pinched nerve in my shoulder. My bra has really been pulling on my trap lately, my boobs are way bigger than they have ever been since I had my daughter (used to barely be a B, now I'm a D). The weight of holding these puppies up is more than I am used to! I think it's catching up with me. I've loosened my strap and took some Naproxyn to help loosen up my muscle (it's the same one I get crazy spasms in when I get stressed out, to the point that I can't move my neck!)

So...I think your problem could be two-fold: 1) Blood flow to the arm being cut off during sleep which is causing you to have those pins and needles. And, 2) possibly a pinch nerve.

It really is totally annoying! I hate waking up feeling like my fingers are swollen only to realize that not only can I not feel them but I can't really move them either. I just hang my arm off the bed and feel the warmth of my blood rushing through it.


belle1329 - February 11

Hi Canada 17
I was taking Nyquil. I didnt have a cough, just watereyes and nose and tired as usual. I take it cause it knocks me out and I dont get that medecine head the next day. I was thinking about taking it every night, to sleep,:) I didnt seem to have a problem sleeping while taking it, but I hear its bad for you to take often. As for arm sleeping, it does not matter what position Im in. I wake up in different positions when it is asleep. this does not happen as often as it used to, it was just that it hurt this time alot and then the sweating of the lower arm never happened before, I usually get nite sweats but behind my neck. Thanks for answering, let me know more about the DM please.


Canada17 - February 16

I had a very odd thing happen to me last night.

I woke up and my left foot was asleep. I was laying on my back with my head turned to the left so my ear/cheek was on the pillow.

I tried everything to get my foot to wake up but nothing helped. That is until I straightened my neck. As soon as I did I felt a little pop in my neck and all the blood rushed back to my foot.

Very, very strange occurrence and somewhat troubling. Seems I somehow blocked the flow of blood to my foot by having my neck turned.

Also, seeing as how your medication knocked you out it does make sense why you felt less Fibro while sick. Perhaps you need a better sleep aid. I know when I took amitryptiline I slept like a baby and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. But, I was allergic to it and had to stop taking it. : (


belle1329 - February 18

That is strange, but "I " do believe circulation is an important role with fibro I was taking a sleep aid too and had a very bad effect on me, made me very depressed. I had to stop taking it. I did a sleep study and a few more were recommended to me , I just have to decide if I want to try something else. I seem to have a bad reactin to most meds :(



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