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Stephanie - September 19

Does anyone else have tingling in both their hands and arms?.. Its freaking me out.. this is a symptom I had not yet experienced up untill this point.. my muscles also feel shaky in my back and arms.. Im also worried because of all of the ct scans I have had because of sinus issues and headaches.. Any one else had many ct scans during the diagnosis stage ?. . I am only 28, I need some words of support.. its been such a scary experience for me.. My husband has no idea and dosnt give much support.. thanks


JJ - September 13

I don't think CT scans would be the cause of your tingling. It could be related to FMS. Have you mentioned it to your doctor? I would start there -- it could help the diagnosis.


Michelle - September 13

tingling was one of my first symptoms - I had MRI to rule out MS. I also have sinus trouble, and shaky muscles in back and arms - I also have lots of trouble using my hands sometimes - they get fatigued and hard to move.


TERESA - September 15

I started having problems with my right side but the first time I knew something wasn't right was when I started having pains in my hands, legs & feet. I would get up in the morning & not hardly be able to walk. It felt like I was walking on stones. My hands would feel like they were stiff & stuck. My legs felt like they were stuck in whatever position I happened to be in. It hurt to be in any postion for very long & it hurt to move. I'm sorry that you can't get more support but I totally understand. People in my life sometimes try to understand but they just don't get it! You might see if there are any support group in your area. They can be very helpful! Hope this helps.


Brandy - September 15

I feel bad that you don't get the support you need. Please continue coming here, there are plenty of nice people on this site that will be glad to give you support. We are all in this together! I understand how scared you are. Hang in there. Do as much research as you can, it helps to ease the fear. Many blessings, Brandy


Tamara - September 19

I am only 29, and I know exactly how you feel! I too have dealt with tingling in the hands and fingers. It is a symptom related to Fibro, but I would definitely talk to a doctor about it. I am sure they would want to rule out any possible neurological problems. I have also started taking magnesium for my muscle aches and weakness and it has helped alot. Keep your spirits up as best you can, and be sure to get some low impact cardiovascular exercise. It has also made a world of difference for my energy level.



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