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tingle sensation in head with dizziness?
8 Replies
freedomwithin - September 3

Does anyone else get tingling sensations in their head with dizziness? It's driving me crazy! I feel like I'm not even here. It radiates down my neck. I've had mri's and ct scans. Shows nothing.All my muscles in my face are extrememly tight also?


Kerrie - September 3

I get a similar thing but I dont get tingling sensations I get a numb feeling in the right side of my forehead and it feelsreally weak down my neck,arm and leg. I have had CT scan and nothing, the neurologist said it was fibro but I am not sure


Fantod - September 3

freedomwithin - You are probably experiencing myofacial pain. Take a look in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. Look under "associated conditions" for the description. This is a common problem with Fibromyalgia (FMS). Are you aware of grinding your teeth or clenching? You may also need to see a dentist that specializes in TMJ (now called TMD) and be fitted for a splint/bite guard to wear at night. Take care.


FibroGal - September 4

Hi, freedomwithin. I do sometimes. I always have equilibrium/balance issues and sometimes the tingling on my scalp. For me, it almost feels like the sensation of when you get a chill or goosebumps. I think Fantod's right because I have TMJ and myocascial pain. I have an issue with clenching my teeth. It's part and parcel of fibro.


ptalana - September 4

I too experience a tingling feeling that starts from the base of my neck and radiates to the top of my head. Three years ago I fractured my neck after a serious fall down stairs at work, have gotten progressively worse since.
It's such a strange feeling, not really painful but certainly not pleasant either!!!! My dizziness comes from vertigo that I developed. Last year I passed out while driving home from work, ended up in intersection on a red light!!! I believe there was divine intervention as this is one of the busiest intersections in town, but was empty at this time. Needless to say I lost my licence and haven't driven since!!!!
Please be careful, you may want to see a ENT doctor to have your symptoms checked out further. There are meds that can help with the dizziness.
Take care, Patty ;)


freedomwithin - September 4

I saw my doctor today and he said that it may be from the cold sore virus that lies dormat in the nerves. I don't really get cold sores any more but I used to have 2 to 3 out breaks a month up until last year and he thinks it took a toll on the nerves? I guess it's another one of those things that just needs to be accepted.


pfiinch - September 5

Plantana word from someone screwed by work comp!!!! #1 If you are on work comp DON'T SETTLE NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT SOUNDS.!!!!!!!!! I did and worst thing ever did.As timegoes on you will possiably get other medical conditions,which they will not tell youand anything to do with your head remember your brainworks EVERYTHING!!!!!
I fell and was knocked out work as time went on more things started to appear.Work comp will look into past medical,if you ever went to the doctor about any head issues before this they will throw it at you and make it look like you are lying.PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN TO A WOMAN THAT WORK COMP AND LAWYER PUT THREW HELL.
Be very careful at Dr.s office because they are in it together just to Rape you poor .They don't care.Trust me if they want to comeand tape you and don't because of high blood pressure or anything that is a real go that they are afraid of your case.


Jorja - September 11

Go back to your Dr and ask him if it is possible that you might have Meniers Disease, I have this and it is no joke. Jorja.x


ckosciel - September 13

I have been having severe dizzy spells, knock me right to my knees for several minutes. MRI, CT all negative. May be inner ear but why now? No tingling though.



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