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Time for some funnies, the oh no moments
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axxie - May 10

Time for some funnies, something that made you laugh, or the oh no moments, I can't believe this happened. I pulled a fast one to my husband and his friend. So over the week-end the couple came over and stayed with us. The wife and I get along great, we both have chronic pain, so we tend to get sarcastics at time with our jokes.

Hubby and friend, was all happy that we would have dinner at the mess and then go home to have coffee and their facourite dessert, chocolate eclairs. I thought it would be funny, if I played a joke on them.

I enlisted the girl at the pastry counter to help us out, deliver a very funny punch to the guys.

I told by my husband that I was to buy to be able to pick up the chocolate eclaire and that it would be fun for him and his buddy to go for a little short car ride and pick them up.

Men are so willing to pick up something sweet, revenge was about to be played out. In the meantime we had problems trying to control our fit of laughter.... knowing that these guys would not find it amusing our little joke to them.

The boys arrived at the pastry and the young served the boys in picking up the eclaires. The were so busy talking to each other, that didn't see that the box with the eclairs were not delieved to them, but another boy who the boys thought had the eclairs.

The boys and eclairs arrived safe at home, time to set up the table with coffee, and the box the boys were so anticipating, it seems eclairs is to a man's heart..... the antificpation arrived, the big moment when the boys were savouring their saliva in anticipation of eating an eclair.... instead what they found, was a fish in a plastic bag, that said, happy belated April fools.

OH, the look on the guy's face was priceless, and yes the fish was paid by master card....

All through the week-end, we kidded them about this joke we played on them..... I"m sure by now they are already thinking of plotting revenge..... but the memory will last a lifetime.....

I hope you have similar stires or better, time to have a little cheering thread......


axxie - May 10

sorry I sort of muffed the the joke, the brain and the hand are just not cordinated at all.... I guess it's time for me, to say goodnight and cath a few zzzzzzzzzzzzm what else can a girl do, when nothing my body just can't quite coordinate with the brain or vs versa.....


toots2889 - May 11

Axxie, I loved that. God girl, that was so funny.
It made me smile. I cant believe you did this. Your my kind of friend.



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