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Tightness?weak? Stomach- so called girdle hug?
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mummylove - February 2

Is this a symptom of fibro???? I have not been able to read it anywhere and would say the worst or uncomfortable of all my symptoms.

From what I read its called a girdle hug?

Ive had it for exactly 5 months which it is now constant. I have explained it as a feeling as tho you have been kicked in the stomach and at times the back!
Its so tight, its hard to breath its always there but worse often. It is hard to get a deep breath in as feels like not enough air is getting in.

Its straight accross stomach button and all the way around to my back. It is from there and up stopping at my chest height.

It also has a feeling as tho I cant sit up or have no stomach muscles to keep me up right. Ive tryed stretching which feels good most of the time but once I finished stretching its back :-/

So has anyone else experienced this its driving me MAD!


p.s Im an asmatic and inhaler gives no relief.


mummylove - February 3

Anyone have it?
the doctor thinks I need to go to breathing phsio to help? or fix my breathing.
I am on a long waiting list, tho Im wondering if it is just a symptom?
I can take a deep breath in, and sure im getting enough, its just like a crushing? extreamly tight band.

Please if anyone has it????



kingstongirl - April 11

Isn't girdle hug an MS term?


MaryAnn50 - April 11

I was going to ask you if you have been thoroughly tested for other things before getting a fibro diagnosis???

Fibro has so many odd symptoms and many can mimic other diseases, but I have heard this can be an MS symptom...

Although, I have many symptoms that mimic MS too and I have never been diagnosed with it. Maybe speak again to your doctor about it.


axxie - April 13

Have you gotten any tests, done to rule out similar conditions, although there is similarities with some of the same conditions, the girdle hug, is a term used in MS.

Google MS Forum, & check out symptoms.

Your primary doctor should send you to see a neurologist that would help identify diseases or conditions such as MS.

Tests that help identify MS are the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), spinal tap, BAER test (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response test).

Good luck to you and let us know what you are doing even if it's just ranting we will always have advice to give you.


Kay25 - April 16

I have it. I've suffered with this for 3 years and it's in the exact place yours is. I saw a Rheumatolgist who has 99.9% diagnosed FM and I've had other tests for MS and Lupus which have come back clear.

With girdle hug it is felt as a tingling aswell and comes a go's. The one that we get is constant and is not MS. So don't worry.

The only things that have worked on mine have been antidepressants which relax the tight muscles and spasmonal.

Hope this helps x



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