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Tight muscles
5 Replies
rox - June 28

During my most recent flare up with FMS i've experienced tight muscles in my wrist and ankles and also the front of legs Like rubber bands were wrapped around them.I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this?


islandguy - June 29

Hi rox:
I too get real tense and tight muscles when i get a bad flare up. It is as if my body stiffins up on me and I can barely move. In those situations my wife normally has to help me in and out of bed. And usually when that happens i head for a hot shower which seems to help a bit. You are not alone.....curse to those flare ups. I also notice now more and more that the barometric pressure changes can send me into a flare quite easily. Take care. and keep posting....


Fantod - June 29

Yes, I get that too. I feel like the Tin Woodsman and move like him too. One thing that I found that helps quite a bit is Arnica gel. You can find it at any decent health food store. No smell; seems to work better than any sports cream that I have tried. You can also get it in pill form but you must understand how to take it correctly. Either or will work. If you decide to try the pills, ask someone about how to use a sublingual homeopathic medication. Take care.


kathleen Paterson - July 7

I have been plagued for 3 years with this horrendous illness . I suffer severe muscles tightness especially in my back , at times it is as if i have a corsett on and someone is tightening it .
i also have terrible muscles spasms in legs.
I was wondering if anyone had strange feelings of swelling sensations which I have all over my body. I feel as if i am being blown up with a bicycle pump.


kathleen Paterson - July 7



Gabbie - July 7

I have the tightness also especially when I first get up in the a.m. and also if I am in one position too long. I feel it most in the arms and legs and before I "get going" in the morning I walk with what I call my Frankenstein gait. At that point, I find that for me it helps to push to move around to help loosen up the muscles. I wish you well.



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