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Thyroid problem misdiagnosed
6 Replies
Kim - August 27

I was diagnosed with FM back in October after my regular doctor was baffled with my symptoms and I had brought up the fact my mother also has it. After numerous meds which did not help and the doctor just switching them around on me, I took myself off of all of the meds and am now seeing a homeopathic doctor/acupucturist. I told her my doctor did a complete thyroid panel and said they were normal although I have all of the symptoms. She said the blood work doesn't always show a problem and had me take my body temp in the morning for 7 days before I went back in. Every day, I was around 97.3. She told me that this shows a thyroid problem and is going to start me on meds for it. She also thinks I have a yeast-overgowth, which my regular doctor laughed at when I told him about it, and can bring on FM symptoms. I took her test and scored 295. It should be below 120. She wants me to go on a yeast-free and sugar-free diet for a month and see if I feel better. I am waiting to get the results back for my neurotransmitter and hormone test results. My regular doctor would not run them for me. Needless to say, I will be switching doctors and hopefully will be able to find a way to manage my FM. After reading so many other posts from others having problems with their doctors not taking them seriously, I decided to take charge of my health and find one that could help me.


Debra - August 13

Hi:Kim Good for you.And i wish you all the best of good health.P.S.I hope that your tests go well.Please let us know.Take care.Yours truly Debra.


JJ - August 14

When I first visited the rheumatologist and had blood work done, I noticed they tested for hypothyroidism, so I looked it up on the internet. I thought that is exactly what I had. The symptoms fit me to a "T". When I went back to the doc after the tests, I had no doubt that I would be told I had hypothyroidism. I almost cried when he told me all my tests were normal. He thought I was nuts. I told him I didn't "want" hypothyroidism, but it was an answer to what could be wrong with me and has a way to treat symptoms. It was after these normal tests that he said he thought I had fibromyalgia, even though I didn't have the tender points. Since then, I have heard that everyone's thyroid levels are not the same. That even some with normal test results could be stricken. I was told that an endocrinologist could better tell, but when I mentioned this to my rheumatologist, he denied that this was true so I did nothing. I still to this day wonder if my symptoms are due to my thyroid and not FMS


kathy - August 17

check out, you will be amazed. I was and am now on day 4 of iodine supplementation. I will keep you posted.


Kim - August 27

I had another appointment with my homeopathic doctor/acupucturist. My serotonin and Gaba neurotransmitter tests came back very low which she explained why I'm not sleeping well. My cortisol tests were very low and DHEAs borderline. She explained this was one reason why I feel exhaustion all the time. I will be starting on the thyroid meds next week and I still need to stay on the sugar/yeast diet for at least 4-6 more weeks. My homeopathic doctor/acupucturist is putting me on a couple of amino acids to bring my neurotransmitters back in line and gave me licorice root for the Cortisol. I am also on a multi-vitamin pack and take some in the morning and some in the evening. I am still receiving the acupuncture as well, which seems to be helping. I will update on my progress after I have started taking the amino acids.


Anne Hillebrand at FibroFix - August 27

I classify FMS in 3 versions, Overly Acidic, Overly Alkali and Thyroid/Temperature. Any one of these conditions can keep our enzymes from working at 100%, causing FMS.

Diagnosis page at FibroFix has recommendation for which to check first, how and why. Then which way to treat each.

Hope this helps.


Anne Hillebrand at FibroFix - August 27

p.s. Compounding Pharmacists in your area can arrange for the best testing, and also know who the most innovative docs in the area are. Find one.



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