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Thyroid disorder
6 Replies
axxie - May 26

I know from past posting, some of you have wondered why you were forgeting stuff, we so called it fibro mind. I was feeling down, and depressed. Some of you were quite concern and the alarm bell rang in my head and headed back to see the doctor, after all had it not been for your concern, I'm still wondering where I would be.

My thyroid has been playing a game with me, now that they have up my thyroid, I am starting to remember loads of information that I could'nt recall. I have more energy, and have started to ask myself the question. If our thyroid has everything to do with our fibro. My guess it has alot to do with our thyroid and other functions it serves.

First I have to say, that our bodies are turned on high in the super sensitive to all pain, lights etc. If your thyroid is turned on high, because your lab tests return normal, ask your physician to do a T3 and a T4 tests, instead of just the plain thyroid test. You might find that you do have a problem with your thyroid, mine took a few years before it finally showed numbers to treat me with a higher dose. It doesn't stop the pain or the confusion that we sometimes have being fibromygia but it might point to you feeling much better.

So now I'm being treated with a higher dose 2 days a week and the rest of the week with the old dose. It works, I may not be at my best but the boosts helps.

I still hurt and I still get confused and I still don't want to excercise but every little once of energy I can get I relish.

Next time you are at your doctor as them to do a T3 / T4 test and if the test remain the same, keep repeating the request a few months down the road, you might be at the cusps of needing a change.


Noca - May 27

I'm sure everything in my blood has been tested for by now. I'm told my testosterone levels are quote "very low" and I'm on the low end of iron. Other than that my blood is healthy. I get it tested usually 3 times a year.

But since you mention it, I'll ask my pain doctor to test for them again next time. He always likes to test my blood to assure him I ain't using street drugs and it benefits me as an exposure for my blood-injury-phobia.


belle1329 - May 27

HI iM having some kind of test for thyroid I think, But Urine , I have to urinate in a bottle (after voiding my first of the day) for 24 hours. Is this the same test? He is also trying to find out why my body is not absorbing vitiman Das I have been also diagnosed with osteo.or should I ask him to do a T3 and T4 while he is at it. Thanks


Noca - May 27

Asked for T3 and T4 today from my doc but she just said she would test the normal thyroid instead today lol. So sure I was like whatever you want to test for, knock yourself out.


belle1329 - May 27

ooooo just found this and this is what i am having answered my own question
Urinalysis effectively determines if the body is excreting an excess of calcium or iodine. Iodine is a key ingredient in the production of two thyroid hormones: T3 and T4. A deficiency in iodine can cause hypothyroidism, as does excessive iodine intake.


tnichel - May 28

just got some lab work to test my thyroid. I will mention he t3t4 test to my rheumy. Thanks for the heads up!!!


kvc33 - May 30

I've had the T3/T4 test. In Canada you usually have to pay for it yourself, doing the test is not standard procedure. Even though mine was normal, I tried natural thyroid and it didn't help. However I know two people with CFS who were helped by it. I've also taken iodine and it didn't help either.



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