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Thyroid and iodized radiation/FM?
4 Replies
chaplin - July 28

I was just wondering if any of you have been treated for thyroid problems with radiation? This has been a dispute amongst my doctors. I have asked if my radiation could have triggered the FM. Some think it is possible and some feel it is unlikely. Shortly after my treatment my health declined very rapidly. My thyroid levels are under control with medication so I have been told that the pain is not from my thyroid but from FM. I am just curious to know if any of you have been treated like me and got FM shortly after. I was not told of any risks with the radiation - very low dose and commonly used... I just find it way too coincidental to not question it. Not to say I would not have gotten FM at some point but very curious to know what others may think. Oh also one other thing do any of you notice tons of hair loss? I am shedding more than my cat! That too can be a thyroid level issue but once again my levels are normal so the dr.s don't think it is related.


axxie - July 29

Hi Chaplin

I was not treated with radiation, but have a good friend, and two of my inlaws. None have gotten FM, but all experienced being tired and a long road to recover. Most said that it took them a good 6 to 12 months before they began to feel whole again. My mother in-law was the first then her 2 of her girls where treated, (apparently runs in family?) (I don't know).

My mother in-law also experienced the loss of hair, it lasted only for the period of radiation and a month afterwards. She said what helped her was a good vitamin with a vitamin b-12 of 1,000 helped her the most.

My two sister in-laws who also had the same radiation treatment, said the same, they didn't wait to start with a good multivatimin and a single dose of vitamin b-12 of 1,000 iu helped them.

On the other hand my girlfriend, said it took her two months to regain some strength and is now taking her multivitamin and a single dose of b-12of i,000 iu to help her out.

All reported shedding of the hair, but non have FM, I wish I could be of more help to you.

The way I see it, we FM patient all want to know where and when we contracted FM, but to tell you the truth, what matters, is how well we can keep ourselves so that we have less problem and lead a normal life.


axxie - July 29


Maybe I didn't make myself clear on the vitamin

one multivitamin and 1 to 2 vitamin B-12 of 1,000 iu every day.


chaplin - July 29

Thanks for your response Axxie. I am taking vitamins and it has been 11 months since my treatment. I have had blood work done and am not showing any deficiencies. Either way the dr. advised me to take B12 I have been low before and a multi vitamin also an added vitamin D - for inflammation. I know we all look for reasons why we get sick - I was just curious to see if this could have been the trigger - I would rather know so if it were the case I could tell my Dr. who is very open to ideas from patients and investigates when he does not know something. He was curious as well because he may have warned me if he knew that this was a possibility. My Aunt has FM so he may have warned me before hand that it may trigger it. I feel that we all need to help each other so if I could help anyone in advance of this happening I would feel that there was a purpose for feeling so sick. Sounds crazy but it is how I fell. Axxie I wanted to say that you have been very helpful. You have a lot of helpful information. I really appreciate your support.


axxie - July 30


You know there might be a possible link with low thyroid and FM.

In all the correspondence, 90% have thyroid problems that started before having FM, by the same content we also have IBS.

I was just talking to my girlfriend of was the latest of radiation treatment for her thyroid.

She said in passing that she has not gone any better and is now looking at very serious sleep disorder. She also pointed out that she is having strange sensation throughout her body. I would not be surprise if next she tells me she has fibro. She's been through some hardship.

I have not told her about fibro, only because she works for a private doctor's service on the Quebec side.

Strange that I just happen to answer your question that my girlfriend calls with her finding. I believe her when she says, that just maybe fibro will be next diagnosed.

On the other hand, my other girlfriend who is an rpn said that fibro was the catch all for symptoms from doctors who cannot make diagnosed.

These doctors who used fibro as a lame answer should all go to a fibro 101.



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