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Thyroid and Fibromyalgia
5 Replies
Sweedon - July 18

Where do I begin? I am brand new to all of this. About 2 years ago, I went to my internist and to make a long story short, he said I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis. He said I also have the thyroid antibodies which are an indicator that my thyroid is shutting down. They sent me to an Endo because of the long list of symptons I have. This Endo wrote me off and pretty much said its stress related. (I am 32, mother of 3, work FT, and going thru a divorce). I knew this was not right, so I went back to my internist. For the past year and half, they have been doing bloodwork and putting me on prednisone for thyroid flare-ups. About 6 months ago, I was taken from work in an ambulance for what they suspected might be a heart attack. After getting nowhere in the ER, I went for a stress test, and that was normal. Went back to internist and was told I have Costochondritis. He gave me some steroids and patches for my chest and sent me on my way. The pain has never totally gone away. Im now having burning pain in my neck, shoulders, back, and even my tailbone. This hurts tremendously and nothing seems to relieve it. Ive read that the name of the chest pain, Costochondritis, is associated with Fibro. So Im wondering if I have Fibro. Ive done alot of research and have come to the conclusion that Im having what seems like Fibro because my thyroid is undertreated. I tried to get in to another Endo, but cant get in til Nov. Im tempted to go see a Rhuemetologist about the possible Fibro but feel like Im going in circles. Just last week I called my internist; they ordered bloodwork and put me on steroids. Just not sure where to go, or how to get relief. Does anyone have Fibro from another medical condition?


kathleen Paterson - July 22

Hi Sweedon
that is exactly how my fibro started,I was feeling a little tired and run down , had bloods done , they coudnt find anything at first , then they discovered I had high thyroid antibodies , before they discovered this I was at casualty thinkin I had a brain tumour , or heart attack they kept me in over night, they thought it was M.S , . I was discharged and had to wait 6 months to see a rheumatologist, by this time i was at my wits end worrying . i was discharged from rheumatologist , the only thing they found was I am A.N.A positive. Anything I have read says thyroid problems and fybro go together. My doctor tells me it is all stress related , which I do believe . I can remeMber the morning I woke up with this to a tee, Unfortunately I seem to be on a down ward spiral. I seem to have every symptom you can get .


Fantod - July 22

My fibromyalgia started because I have advanced arthitis and then had a disc fail in my lower back. Apparently the combination of the two was more than my system could handle. I would encourage you to see a rheumotologist as soon as possible. There are some medications like Amitriptyline, Cymbalta and Lyrica which can be helpful when mangaging Fibromyalgia. Be sure to follow up with the new Endo in November as well. Hashimoto thyroditis is not something that can be ignored. Maybe seeing a rheumotologist will help you if they can get you in to see the new Endo more quickly. Take care.


chowda72 - October 7

Hi Sweedon,

I also have hashimoto's disease w/fibromyalgia. I have also been diagnosed with burning mouth syndrom which is the immune system attacking itself my mouth feels like someone sprayed it with pepper spray, i also get ulcerations on my tounge, gums and blistering soars on my lowwer lip. I also suffer from Raynauds syndrom secondary to the hashimoto's disease. i have had the Fibro since 22 & the hashimoto's since i was 18. I am now 37. i live with alot of pain that no one in my family can even imagine.


brooksidefarm - October 8

My onset came after illness. After having my gall bladder removed, I ended up in the ER with chest pains only to find I had mono from the hospital stay! They even admitted it. I noticed symptoms shortly afterward that have continued to increase in intensity and quantity. That was Sept 2007. Oh -if one more doc says stress, I would like to introduce them to stress by calling and waking them up at night every hour for a year!


Kayhlan - October 12

Hello Sweeden,

You sound a lot like me, I first ended up in the ER five years ago, with symptoms related to extremely high thyroid readings. I was suffering hyperventilation, anxiety attacks, rapid heart rate (130 average) as well as a bunch of others. They told me I had Graves Disease.

A week later, I saw my internest and gave him the reports from the ER doctor, and he laughed at me, saying there was nothing wrong with my thyroid at all. Three days later I was rushed to the hospital with symptoms of a heart attack, and after testing I was told I had all the symptoms of congestive heart failure.

My next appointment with the internist, he told me I must be crazy, as there was no way I had congestive heart failure. But, he sent me for a stress test anyway, using an injection of something to accelerate my heart, rather than exercise to check. It came back normal. However, they discovered this time, that my thyroid was very low.

This series of events has happened three times in varying ways over the past five years. No one has ever been able to tell me why. I've chalked it up to FM, as it seems to go hand in hand with extreme stress and/or over tiredness on my part.

It is amazing how much one part of our bodies is affected by other parts, and how much our overall health is affected by stress.

I hope you are doing alright, please keep after the doctors till they give you an answer you are happy with.




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