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Throbbing legs are driving me insane!
15 Replies
Lee2010 - January 22

Does anyone have a problem with throbbing legs? I have them almost every day/night. They often keep me from going to sleep and often the pain of the throbbing wakes me up from a deep sleep. My doc has already maxed me out on pain meds (which barely work on me) and is hesitant to add anything to the mix. I'm currently on 800 mg. of Neurontin (Gabapentin) 3x per day and 20 mg. of Norco 3x per day. When I told her about the break-through pain, she didn't want to add anything stronger than Advil to my pill intake. As I'm sure you can guess, Advil doesn't do anything. Any suggestions? It's driving me crazy! I'm looking forward to any and all help. Thanks so much!


Noca - January 22

You should go to a pain clinic. At pain clinic's you can find doctors who aren't afraid to prescribe you the pain killers you need.

Pain clinic's have long wait lists of anywhere from 9 months to 3+ years but they are well worth it.

As for Advil, it treats inflammation, not nerve pain.


axxie - January 23

Throbbing leg pain is mainly caused due to problems in the bones, muscles, and nerves located in the legs. Any form of injury to the legs can give throbbing leg pain. Can be varicose veins, due to improper functioning of valves. Nerve damage, when the throbbin leg pain is caused by damage in the nerve, it is often accopanied by the occasional numbness. Can also be due to diabetes and deficiency of vitamins that are mainly responsible for causince damage to the nerve. Smokers and alcolholics are also prone to problems. There's the sciatic nerve pain which is caused by a slipped disc in the lower region. Can be caused by circulation problems, result from cloggin of blook inside the veins. Arthritis will cause inflammation in the knee and hip joints and give throbbing leg pain.

You need to get the doctor to properly diagnose you with which kind of pain you have.

Throbbing leg pain can be prevented to some extent if you follow a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy food and regular exercises which involve stretching of the muscles can make them strong and flexible. Abstain from alcohol and smoking to prevent yourself from any kind of circulation or nerve related problems. If you are diabetic, then keep the blood sugar levels in check to prevent recurrence of throbbing leg pain.

There are tests that can be done to find exactly what kind of cause to your pain in your legs.

When my legs act up, I will wear medium support hose that goes to the knees. I find it gives me some relief. Sometimes, you also need to change your shoes every few hours. It helps with conditioning your legs and the poor circulation.

A simple test that you can do is to up your milk intake and see if you are not calcium deprived. Drink milk with or without lactose depending or your diet and drink the milk especially in the morning and at night prior to bedtime.


cdukes001 - November 16

I two suffer from what you are describing. The problem is 90% of the times at night. It first started with my right leg and now has progressed to both. I've had several test, bone density, ultra sounds and was also told it could be restless leg syndrone. Needless to say the medication prescribed did nothing. I increased my exercising especially walking thinking that would help and nothing. I also started to talk Vitiam D, Calcium, Magnesium hoping it will help but i have not seen any results yet. I to am searching for answers.


slb71 - November 16

i have problems with burning in my legs that feels like i have an awful sunburn on my thighs. going to bed is miserable especially with pajamas or blankets on. my dr has had me on cymbalta for months and i would think that it should be helping by now. it has helped some but i feel i shouldn't be continuing to have new symptoms. i understand your frustration,lee2010 because so many times it feels like it just doesn't ever get better and you don't know where to turn next. a pain specialist like noca suggested sounds like a great thing to try. something i will consider myself. i hope you have some relief soon & not have to wait a long time to see pain specialist.


Fantod - November 16

You might try adding Curamin which is a spice for breakthrough pain. It comes in a highly purified form in capsules. I use a brand made by Terry Naturally. I take it twice a day and notice a huge difference when I accidentally run out. You can find it online or in a good health food store.

Another option is a cream which has to made up by a compound pharmacy. Ketoprofen (20%) with lidocaine added works pretty well too. It must be applied on clean skin - NEVER layer it. Put it on after a hot shower or use rubbing alcohol to clean your skin prior to use. You can add a layer of saran wrap for NO more than 2 hours to help the cream absorb.

And finally, seeing a pain specialist is a very good idea. Take care.


kvc33 - November 17

An overdose of vitamin B12 can cause nerve pain. Both my Mom and bf had this happen. If you are taking B12 stop, and it should clear up quickly if that is the cause.


Fantod - November 18

slb71 - The burning sensation you are describing is associated with nerve pain. Cymbalta is not going to address that and your doctor should know better.

Ask them for a prescription for Gabapentin in addition to the Cymbalata. That should give you some relief. I use my Gabapentin at night which helps me sleep off any grogginess. Good luck and take care.


123tucker123 - August 17

i need some advice - my dads had problems with his legs throbbing for years now - hes on the strongest pain killers that his gp will prescribe but when he drinks alcohol, the day after, the pain is much worse so this has resulted in him having a completely life style change (for the worse)... the gp and nurses that have done tests dont seem to have a cluse but its almost certainly circulation based... i need to find a private consultant that will be able to correctly diagnose him and hopefully help with the pain but don't really know what to search for online, please can someone advise me?


marydd34 - February 1

i have thobing pain that started in my right leg had the stipping done due to varisore vein the blood flow was not good and had reflex in it.but that does seem to work cause the thobbing and pain is the same now theleft leg is the same .i also have low vitimin d levels .not sure what to do night time is the worse ,


KarenLL - April 6

I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome. I take Requip a Parkinson's med but it does a wonderful job of keeping my legs from driving me crazy.

Now if someone grabs me anywhere on my legs it's going to hurt due to the Fibromyalgia.

I had my Pain Doctor do an EMG on my legs just to be sure I didn't have any type of Myopathy, and they were fine.

Just Restless legs.


Sage - April 25

My legs hurt me from the hips to toes. The bone felt frozen and the pain had me crying, screaming, and in bed 24-7. The only way I could describe it was my hips and thighs were on fire or felt like someone cut off the skin and muscle leaving me with a gaping wound. This was not the only thing i was dealing with my upper body was always in pain but never frozen like my legs. Nothing I could do mafe this go away. A tub filled w burning hot water didn't even do the trick it only burned my crotch, i Didn't feel it on my legs at all. I was on everything narcotic pain med at one time or another. Didn't sleep for years until now, luckily the pain is not constant but comes and goes once every 3 weeks thanks to methadone liquid. This medicine absolutely saved my life when i thought it was over atleast i didnt want to live like that.


MargC - June 6

I am in such a terrible place right now and was just wondering if your regular PvP doctor prescribes your meds, or a pain management? I hope all the best to your healing.


Chocolove - August 29

I had throbbing legs that would get worse when I walked more than usual. At night the throbbing would increase exponentially. What finally worked for me after a lot of PubMed research was taking a dietary supplement called Circulation and Vein Support for healthy legs that contains: diosmin, hesperidin, rutin, grape seed, pine bark and butcher's broom; on a daily basis. These compounds may not be in your regular diet but apparently should be. As I recall it was the diosmin, (or maybe hesperidin) that is found in the white rind of citrus fruit. This has been used safely in Europe for decades. Check out the PubMed abstracts on these if you like. Plants have so many healthy chemical compounds we need.


maipo - February 12

My Husband has been dealing with his legs throbbing since I don't even know how long. We try to stay away from NSAIDS and such, but he would resort to ibuprofen sometimes. I guess he just learned to deal with it, for the most part, because although he has told me on occasion that they always hurt and keep him up at night, he doesn't complain about it on a regular basis.

We've done leg massages, I've used coconut oil and essential oils. Also used arnica Montana gel and icy hot, but of course that only does so much. What has worked is some capsules he has been taking for about two weeks now. They contain butcher's broom among other herbs and vitamins. The first week he took 1 capsule and felt better than usual, less pain (even though he was doing more physical work than usual - he works in construction - and working overtime each day, plus driving 4+ hours a day). The next week he was taking two capsules per day and is feeling even less pain! I'm so glad we found something that is working. I felt helpless, not really knowing what to do or whether or not this was just going to be something he'd have to deal with forever. If anyone wants to check it out, here's the link. They have a 2 month money back guarantee as well. Pretty cool!



Janet1947 - March 10

My left leg throbs and i only feel it when i am sitting down in my thigh,i was in the garden kneeling down pulling the weeds and when i got up i felt an awful pain behind my knee,and a few months after i went to the doctor and he confirmed all was ok.But i have been having this throbbing sensation in my thigh for a very long time and its getting really uncomfortable,it doesnt bother me in bed though.



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