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Throat probems the result of FM?
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SingsPuccini - January 23

Hi Everyone,
I was just diagnosed with FM a few weeks ago. Actually, I figured out what I had and my doctors all agreed--but that's for another thread. Had my blood tests to rule out everything else and have my first Rhumy appt. soon. What's troubling me, now, is my throat. I am supposed to audition to sing with a major symphony chorus this week and I can't sing. Last week, my voice was great. This week it is gone and now I'm trying to type and cry at the same time.

A few months ago, I had my tonsils removed at the age of 33. Because of the previously unexplained non-allergic rhinitus (common in FM)I've suffered with for years, my tonsils were very bad. Infections are constantly starting in my sinuses and heading south. Having them out has been good, because my throat has not been 'sore.' However, the tightness in my throat has never fully gone away. My ENT, who has not seen me since before my FM diagnosis promised me I would get full function back after a few more weeks. That was 6 weeks ago. It did get a lot better, and last weekend I was singing almost as well as pre-op. In the last week, however, the tightness is back and very bad. Starting to wonder if it's not just because of the surgery, but because of the FM.

I may have to cancel my audition and wait to try again in the summer. Hoping that my new doc can help me with this. Also, if any of you have any insight, it would be much appreciated.

SingsPuccini(or used to)


Fantod - January 23

SingsPuccini - Welcome to the board! It is entirely possible that Fibromyalgia (FMS) may be affecting your throat. I get hoarse regularly, lose my voice temporarily, and often have trouble with dryness or tightness during a long conversation. My best friend has FMS too and she experiences the same problems.

You could also be very anxious about your audition. And, you may have pushed your voice too hard given the history that you have with chronic infection etc. I'd get back in to see the ENT if you can ASAP. Just bear in mind that doctors are not always very knowledgeable about FMS and this one may be no exception.

I'd also try Malic Acid which comes in capsule form. It can be found in any good health food store. It may help relax the muscles in your throat. Good luck to you and take care.



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