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Throat and ear problems
5 Replies
cheri21157 - May 12

Does anybody suffer from a plugged ear and a swollen throat? I have not been diagnosed with fibro yet but my dr is leaning towards it. For the last 6 weeks my left ear has been plugged and the left side of my throat feels funny. It really doesn't feel like a sore throat but it is a very annoying feeling and also my nose feels stuffy. I also have been having alot of muscle aches mainly my arms and legs, joints feel stiff and have twitching all over, some tingling and very tired.I feel worse as the day goes on. MS was ruled out. I go back to the dr in 3 weeks to go over blood test results. Any info would be helpful.


chaplin - May 13

I have these symptoms as well. My left ear pops and hurts sometimes and I also get ringing in it on and off. It is very annoying. My throat feels dry and soar - I drink tea pretty much all day to keep it from bothering me. My muscles have been cramping like charlie horses - very uncomfortable. Have you seen a rhumitologist? They may be able to help with some suggestions for the joint stiffness - I have been on anti-inflammatories and they do help somewhat. I am newly diagnosed still seeing specialists but I do share some of your symptoms. Please let me know if you find out anything. The specialist has told me that these symptoms are normal from FM. I would be curious what others are going through as well. good luck.


iliveinpain - May 19

Cheri and Chaplin, I thought I was alone with the ear thing. A few years ago, I lost hearing in my left ear suddenly. It gradually came back a little bit, but not completely, then a couple of years later, the right ear did the same thing. Now I have diminished hearing in both ears and had an MRI to rule out any brain tumor, etc., and that was normal. The doctors couldn't figure it out, and I've just lived this way for so long now, but this is the first time reading these posts I've thought maybe it is fibro related. My ears feel plugged like when you're in an airplane and then if I blow my nose they'll pop and I can actually hear, and then as soon as I swallow, wow, almost deaf again! Very annoying. I've also seen an ear nose and throat doc, no one has an explanation. I'm thinking fibro now that I've read about you guys having problems too. I think people sometimes get sick of me saying, "what" "excuse me" LOL


Girlinpink - May 20

I too have the popping in my left ear as well as the sore throat on the left side. Sometimes my gums become swollen on that side too.
I have not been diagnosed with FM yet, going to see the doctor tomorrow. I too have major joint stiffness. I have been to a rhumatologist and have been checked for arthritis, etc. I wish you the best of luck and hope you too receive an answer soon for your pain.


553ANGELA - May 23

hi, my dr. says throat/ear pain is not fibro related.nor GERD or bloated ,ibs.
my symptoms with the throat pain is this...i'll have a sore throat , only on the left side and it can last for weeks and involve my left ear.then one day it's gone ,only to be replaced by another annoying symptom.
gerd.i can't keep anything down.burning in the throat from the upset stomache. this is different from the sore throat above.
i have stomache cramps right now,they are severe!
bloating, and gassy feeling that won't pass.
right now i do not have any muscle aches!
i have difficulty climbing stairs.going up but not coming down.
then there are the days when from nowhere comes complete exaustion....i can't stay awake for nothing. i fell asleep in the middle of a KISS concert!! anyone else with these wonderful symptoms?
i have no one to talk to, who understands. in fact they either see me as lazy or crazy.
when infact i am in pain with weight gain!!!!LOL


axxie - May 23

Hey everyone

I have the same plugged ears and sometimes swollen throat, and IBS, I want to know the name of your doctor who said they were not part of the symptoms of Fibro. Hell we all experiencing the same thing and it's not the figment of our imagination.

I read it in the book called: Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain, second edition by Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland.

Does this doctor understand that Fybromyalgia is pain and it's symptoms, not a disease by itself.

I've been on Cymbalta 60mg for the past 6 months, and believe me, I am doing better then I ever thought. I went for a 2hour walk at the mall today and even walked 10 minutes each way to my car. Granted I'm tired I am still in very good spirit. Stick with your treatment plan, and I'm sure you will get better in about 6 months.



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