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thousands claimed to be cured of CMP & Fibro.............
15 Replies
jade - September 21

has anyone read any books by dr sarno? he says the pain comes from the mind-body connection to repressed rage & there is a typical personality of a FM patient. has anyone read his books? he has been practicing medicine at NYC medical centre for close to 40 years & claims to have cured thousands of sufferers with his approach... he has glowing testamonials from Howard Stern & John Stossel of 20/20 who both suffered from crippling pain for decades. he makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways. anyone read any of his stuff, thoughts???


Shawn - September 20



allie - September 20

that is so weird because i was listeing to howard stern on sirius radio today and i think he was talking about this guy. did it help you shawn?


michelle - September 20

I heard that radio show too! Stern is totally funny, even though he is such a pig. they can say whatever they want on satelitte radio hey? its crazy. i remembered hearing about those books by dr sarno somewhere else too, now i realize it was probably on here. it was an amzing program, I have to go to the library to study this aft, if i remmeber I'll look for the book. which one is better? the older one or the new one? he supposedly talk alot more about fibro in the newer one. i'll let you guys know what i think. he sounded like a super smart guy. he's in his mid 80's and still practicing. Howard Stern used his methods to cure his OCD & crippling chronic myofascial pain, and you know he has enough money so he isn't being pd off or anything. he was saying that before he couldn't even sit in a chair and would do interviews laying on the floor. he's super passionate about it and says sarno has saved his life.


Julie - September 20

dr sarno's books are great! they would help anyone with FMS!


Jean - September 21

There actually is no cure for this...Maybe remission if you change your lifestyle, stress levels, dietary changes etc. If you go back to the same life you've been doing you'll go right back into your pain, that is the way it is.... I believe Fibromyalgia has and still is a great money maker for doctors, medicine, therapists, attorneys etc... This stuff hurts and each of us has to find their own way of coping and putting your mind and body to adjusting to the facts and readjusting ones life to cope with it.... that's the facts....also reading and educating oneself is a step in the right direction...


JP - September 21

Hey Jean, tone down the doom & gloom! You can believe there is no cure if you like, the universe can only give you what you expect & believe..... but, don't discourage other people! I see a lot of that around here. Are you threatened by the thought of giving up all those good pills or the sick role? People cure themselves of CANCER for goodness sake... like someone couldn't cure their Fibro. Don't say that this is 'just the way it is', or that its "the facts". That is only your opinion & not carved in stone. Unless you are the Creator you haven't got a clue what the FACTS are for sure. Gimme a break!


Shawn - September 21

Yes please put a sock in it Jeannie!


Virg - September 21

Hey JP if you are cured I'd like to know exactly what you did and why you're at this
forum? I don't know how old you are or how
long you had FMS but I say if even doctor
or homopathy deal only with the symtoms we]
are so far not even close to cancer which is
validated as a disease. I've had fibro for a long
time and it is very progressive but so am I just
keep dealing with the agressive pain and flu like stuff. Please call it as it is or tell us how
you've cured yourself.


JP - September 21

Hey Virg, to answer your question I had severe CMP & FMS. I haven't been to the doc for at least a year now. I used to go 2-3 times per month. I am off all medications. I have stopped all forms of physical therapy. A year ago I was taking 7 different prescriptions & went to physio, chiro, massage every week. It was a full time job. My doctor was shocked last time I was in because I was such a mess before. I am not 100% cured, but at least 80% there, and I don't want to kill myself anymore. Progress.


JP - September 21


JP - September 21

I came out here to see what the mood was like in FMS land. I don't care which book you read, close your eyes & point for all I care. the message is there in every one. Take it easy.


JP - September 21

btw... I meant take it easy like take care, not rudely. peace ;)


Virg - September 21

Hi JP, thanks, I get you on the perscriptions.
I'm weaning myself of effexor which I didn't need. Thats the only drug I was taking for FMS and don't know why because it wasn't
doing anything except keeping more into fibrofog. I'll check out the website again for
any new info books.


JP - September 21

Right on! Effexor is nasty nasty stuff. You are smart to get that out of your system! All the best to you Virg.


WS - September 21

I know for myself that I was ill for about 30 years, and tried the mind-body-emotions approach for much of that time. Nada! I got so sick and tired of people trying to tell me my sickness and tiredness was in my mind or even in my emotions. Yet somehow about a year ago, I found a ripple of new understanding about all this that was a bit different. When I rode on this ripple, it turned, you might say, into a wave. Reading Sarno turned this into a tsunami, and now I feel I am surfing my way home to a kind of rejuvenation that is beyond mere good health. It's not completely symptom-free. But the FM "illness," as such, no longer exists.



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