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This will help the fibro pain...
8 Replies
white chocolate - December 4

Anything that makes life a little easier has to be worth a try so I bought myself a bread maker. After a bad night Tues and a really painful slow start to the day Wednesday where I didn't know how to move I decided in the afternoon that I would put the bread maker on & make a loaf of bread. My partner had just come home from work so I suggested he watched me set it up then he could learn how the machine worked too.It was so easy, put all the ingredients in,add water,shut lid,switch on. The clock timer said it would take 3hrs. With a thump it began to kneed the mix and whilst I got on with cooking the tea i looked round to see my partner shinning a torch through the lid window watching the bread molding into a loaf. It was the funniest sight seeing him up on tiptoes peering in whilst the machine thumped and thudded "his bread"!
It made me laugh and I thought how funny men are sometimes. He looked like he'd lost the plot..bless him.. and seeing him standing there made me smile and I thought how lucky I am to have him when I feel so worthless & bad in myself with the pain & tiredness.
Sometimes it's not the pills we pop that help us to feel better.
It's the ones closest to us that make all the difference even when deep down we're so engrossed in our pain we don't notice them.
He's my pain re leaver.
He's the ingredient my bread maker can't be with out...

and the bread was lovely too lol xxx


smilinhere - December 4

This morning, I had to worse time getting out of bed. Every inch of my body is sore and achy. My husband, helped me up so I could put my slippers on, he had my coffee made and just giggled with me, Yeah, husbands or partners can make a difference, now can someone make a pain pill that works. Im sitting here at work and very sore, I really think the weather has lots to do with this. ;( Oh well, it could be worse! ;)


iliveinpain - December 4

white chocolate, what an absolutely sweet and adorable story! Made me smile while I'm sitting here at work with a heating pad on my back, and a microwaved heat sock around my neck. My husband is amazing and always supportive also, and my lifeline. I know I'm very very lucky to have him in my life too! Every morning before he leaves for work, he whispers that he loves me and I am to have a "wonderful and pain-free day". He thinks this will 're-program' my brain or something. It isn't working so far, but I still love hearing it. It's actually nice to write something so positive on this website for a change. Thanks for bringing it up. Also, I love the 'whilst', I take it you're posting from the U.K.? :)


FibroDale - December 4

Yes, what a sweet story, thank you for sharing. My dogs help me get through it all. One is a toy poodle that I rescued. She had suffered a broken leg that was suppose to be healed but about 6 months after I got her she screamed when I picked her. The vet told me that she had been in pain since her leg was broken which I was told had been 1-1/2 years. She never showed any signs of pain, never whimpered, nothing. I had to have her leg removed to give her relief and she has not for a minute missed her limb. She reminds me that I'm not alone and life goes on...she is just full of love and energy.


white chocolate - December 10

Hi iliveinpain, Hope you're having a good day?
Im' glad my story made you smile :)
Yes im in the UK! I didn't realise i was speaking funny lol...that one made me chuckle xx


iliveinpain - December 10

white chocolate, you weren't talking funny... I love it, and I was amused because I am from the states born and raised as are my son and daughter. However, my daughter moved to London a few years ago, and she is picking up the lingo over there, and so that's why I caught it, the torch, the loo, the lift, I love it, and I find it pretty amusing when she talks that way to me. Hope you're having a wonderful day also :)


white chocolate - December 10

Hi Smilinere and FibroDale, thanks for your comments too.
I'm also 'owned' by my pets...A beautiful German Shepherd aged 5yrs called Tula and three cats, Tigger the eldest and wisest is 17yrs, Bailey the hunter is 8yrs and then there's ..Jessica who's a dilute calico who's 7yrs old and I found her as a kitten on the roadside in the middle of the back of beyond with huge lorries thundering past. She was tiny and very weak and no more than 2weeks old.. She's my princess and has me and my partner wrapped around her furry little paws lol xxx


white chocolate - December 10

iliveinpain..That's nice to hear your daughter is here in England...London is a wonderful city..The Queen and Buckingham Palace, the Black cabs & cabbies, I could go on and on.
I live about 250 miles from London, in the 'West Country..'Somerset', which makes me what Londoners would call 'A Country Bumpkin'!
Has your daughter taught you any cockney rhyming slang..e.g
Plates of meat = feet
Apples and pears = stairs
Currant bun = sun
Mince pies = eyes
Pen and ink = stink
Trouble and strife = wife
Scotch eggs = legs
Butchers hook = look
Rabbit = talk

hahaha lol


iliveinpain - December 10

that's pretty funny... I'll have to run those by her and hear what she has to say. The last time I completely blew her away was when we were on the phone and I said, 'well, Bob's your uncle' I heard this long silence and then she cracked up and wanted to know how I heard about that???? lol :)



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