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This week has been HORRIBLE
3 Replies
reychel - January 6

I dont know what it is but this week I am feeling really bad. I wake up every day with the same neck ache and backache and yesterday this ridiculous migrane installed in my head. Now my neck and shoulder are so sore that if I nob my head I feel like I am stuck.... AW Im sorry I just needed to vent, I feel bad to tell my husband every single day the same history.
I hope your week is going by better!


axxie - January 7

Happy New Year reychel, way to go having so many problems in the New Year. It is certaintly not fun to have aches and pain in your neck and shoulder. Probably why you have a headache.

You know the old saying, hand is attached to the arm and the arm is attached to your shoulder and so on.

I am willig to bet you a nice day for a bad one if you could just losen up a bit that your headache will go away.

One sure remedy with headaches are coffein, chocolate pereferably dark chocolate and beleive it or not, going outside and smelling the nice cold air.

Don't ask why it just does....

Another thing you can do, is have yourself a nice glass of red wine, yeah I know the you might have a reaction to the ein in the red wine, but it actually works.

Hope you feel well soon.


Stacey373 - January 7

Hi Reychel - I know exactly how you are feeling right now...I've got a headache I've been dealing with too. this time I know what caused it...beading too much which caused my shoulder to hurt and then went into my neck and I got a headache. but normally, I don't know what has caused my head to hurt and it doesn't matter what I will NOT go away! The one thing I do try every time I get a headache is taking motrin/ibuprophen. It doesn't work every time...but usually I get headaches because my neck gets inflamed and then that pinches down on the nerves and causes my head to hurt for days until it goes away. The motrin will help with the inflammation.

Might be something you could try.....other than that...the only thing I can tell you is that after 15 years of constant headaches, the best thing for you to do is try to figure out what caused it and not do that anymore. I've spent ALOT of years trying to figure out each individual thing that causes me to get a can start a journal and write down everything you were doing or ate or whatever right before you got the headache. A lot of times when your neck and shoulders and jaw are tensed up because of stress or even slightly worried or nervous it will cause a bad headache.

Hope this helps you....Take Care, Stacey :o)


reychel - January 7

Dear axxie and Stacey373,

you are both right. I know its tension headache and usually starts in the morning when I feel that my neck is giving me a hard time.I usually take a muscle relaxant and feel better in a few hours however the muscle relaxant gives me stomaches so then I need to take prilosec in the morning but then I cant take my pristiq in the morning and I get very dizzy ( like a snowball ) so when I decide no to take the muscle relaxant I so I can take the pristiq the headache is scruciating.
The amazing thing is... like everytime, I woke up this morning and it was gone... like magic... didnt take anything... Sometimes I think its the way I sleep, for exaple if I have nightmares I tend to tense up and I have nightmares quite often.
Do you guys know if there is a good pillow??? Cuz I have tried many different ones and nothing really worked so far.

Have a great weekend.



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