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This perspective on Fibro makes sense -from
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kathy - September 6

Fibromyalgia - What is it, Really?

While this explanation from really makes sense I would like to see an approach that repairs the lymphathic systems to operate more efficiently. However I think starting with addressing the symptons will get you going on the path to recovery, maybe a more natural way. This does make sense!!! I actually had several naturalpathic doctors talk to me about my lymphatic system. Also their is a tie in AGAIN with the thyroid as well with trauma, physical or emotional.

1. Fibromyalgia symptoms are caused by excess, viscous (too thick) Hyaluronan (Hyaluronic Acid, synovial fluid, vaginal lubrication, saliva, etc.) being unable to flow throughout the body normally.

An enzyme, Hyaluronidase, controls the viscosity of HA. The most obvious example of this is vaginal lubrication being thinner or thicker at different times of the month.

In those with FMS, Hyaluronidase is not correctly controlling the viscosity of Hyaluronan.

HA is the natural lubricant, conditioner and nutrient-deliverer for all body tissue. The viscous HA cannot reach all areas of the body to maintain them. For instance, in the spine, this problem allows discs to become soft and lose shape and fail (bulge). In joints, the lack of lubrication and nourishment allows premature wear of the cartilage.

Tender Points correspond with the points at which the arteries branch from larger to smaller to smaller throughout the body, more specifically with the related lymphatic beds.

The arterial capillaries produce HA. It oozes out of the capillaries and enters body tissue. But in those with FMS, there it stalls. The HA does not leave through the lymphatic capillaries, to the lymph bed and on out.

The stalled HA is not outside its normal location, and is perfectly clear, so this malfunction had never been detected in blood tests, CTscans, MRI, Xray or physical exam. It might be possible to detect its movement with contrast media.

2. The impaired circulation of this critical, restorative fluid results in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, hair loss, several kinds of female reproductive malfunctions including Infertility, Fatigue, Pain, and other body deterioration, including joint degeneration, vertebral disk softening and bulging, and weakness in joints. Whatever the HA can't reach breaks down and cannot function correctly.

3. This deterioration is reversed when body-wide congestion is reduced with expectorants and decongestants, allowing the Hyaluronic Acid to reach all body tissues. In the majority of people we have talked to, the HA is too acidic and needs to be counteracted.

4. The viscous HA cannot get out of the body in the normal fashion.

5. Restless Leg Syndrome (due to extreme sleep loss), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (while still viral) and at least some cases of Gulf War Syndrome may be variations of the same problem. Some other very serious illnesses, such as pulmonary fibrosis and OCPD, may be related.

6. Sufferers do not get physically- and mentally- restorative sleep due to an over sensitivity to light and sound.

7. The lack of HA circulation starves the brain, causing Brain Fog. It clogs normal pathways and headaches result; this deficiency starves other areas, causing pain, weakness and loss of coordination.

These statements are based on my first-hand experience with extremely severe Fibromyalgia and the effects of the treatment I developed and am using that reverses the symptoms. They are confirmed by feedback from hundreds and hundreds of others using this treatment method and their experiences with FMS, RLS and CFS.

These beliefs and treatment represent an extreme departure from many of the commonly-held ideas about Fibromyalgia.

As of August, 2006, we have still not heard of any treatment other than the FibroFix method that reverses all symptoms, re-establishes body self-maintenance, and restores physical, intellectual and emotional health.

Hillebrand's Theory of Viscous Hyaluronic Acid in Fibromyalgia

The syndrome is often associated with prior incidence of virus, or physical or emotional trauma; these may cause a susceptibility to symptoms.
Food acids and possibly other factors may cause excess thickening of Hyaluronic Acid. They may inhibit the catabolism by Hyaluronidase on Hyaluronic Acid; there may be a deficiency of Hyaluronidase in the body. A malfunction in the release of Hyaluronidase from the liver may be the mechanism that causes the problem

The viscous Hyaluronic Acid cannot pass through the necessary membranes to reach joints and extremities, resulting in tissue degeneration, loss of function, pain, weakness, fatigue, over-sensitivity to sound, light and other stimuli, as well as other disabilities.
Symptoms of Fibromyalgia can be reversed using daily treatment consisting of
a decongestant, an expectorant, a neutralizing agent, eliminating highly acidic foods from the diet, and through the promotion of deep, restorative sleep by restricting light and sound stimuli.
Fibromyalgia symptoms are caused by excess, viscous (too thick) Hyaluronan (Hyaluronic Acid, synovial fluid, vaginal lubrication, saliva, etc.) being unable to flow throughout the body normally.
An enzyme, Hyaluronidase, controls the viscosity of HA.


give it a rest.... - September 4

seriously, must you post on EVERY thread..... everyday??? these posts are way too long and impossible to read.... kathy... I mean Anne!


Kathy - September 4

Absolutely, I have been posting to alot of threads. Thanks for noticing. These threads are for people who want to get better and are actively looking for support from other people that are in a similar situtation. If the threads are too long for you to read then you must not be willing to go to the efforts or really do not want to get better. It sounds like you are stuck? Are you more comfortable complaining about everyone's actions, being negative, a victim, sitting on the sidelines and critizing everyone? How has having that type of behavior benefitted you? Did you like being raised like that? Just some things to think about. I wish you well in your journey for better health.


TERESA - September 4

I absolutely agree with "give it a rest". Your THREADS as you call them are WAY to long!! If you want to help, maybe you can condense your posts to the most important points & leave your own personal e-mail address for people to contact you if they want to know more.


Parker - September 4

THANKYOU TERESA! that needed to be said. I'm all for helping someone, but.... I think that insinuating that someone "wants to stay a victim" because they can't read those LONG confusing posts is ludicris! condense the general idea & maybe someone can learn something! you don't have to be rude to people, that will never get your point (what is it again?....) across!


Brandy - September 4

I for one have difficulty reading those long post also. And I might add it isn't because I want to be a victim to any thing. That is insulting to us.


Kathy - September 5

Sorry guys, I was mistaken. I thought this forum was for people that are searching for answers to better health. Very Interesting- alot of very negative comments on the size of the posts but not one comment on the content of the post. Hummmm...............

Good luck everyone. I'll check back in a few years to see how many of you are still here "stuck" and miserable and complaining about the length of other people's post insteading of admitting to yourselves that it is just not worth it to read 3 pages of info that might help you get better. This forum is more like a clubhouse of people that are bonding on being miserable and negative. Content? What content?

This is not for me, good bye and good luck.


Brandy - September 5

Kathy, it isn't what you are saying, it is the length of the post. Is there any way to shorten the info, condense it more. I truly have trouble reading long post. Maybe if you broke it up with paragraphs so it is easier to read. Instead of putting us down, how about trying to listen to what we are saying. WE CAN'T READ LONG POST, period. I think you are being very insensitive.


TERESA - September 6

Kathy if that's the additude you have than maybe you should go elsewhere! I wonder if you are reading anyone else's posts or your just rattling on & on & on..... If you read some of the answers given on this site you'ld see that most of us here are here for answers & SUPPORT! If asking you to make your post shorter & more concise so that they can be understood causes you to rake such an attitude then GOOD RIDDENS TO YOU!


Parker - September 6

she isn't reading or writing those novel-long posts. she is cutting & pasting them over & over & over again!!!! I tried to read them & they were impossible to follow. if you really want to help, stop being such a bitch & insulting everyone & tell us what the heck you were trying to say! OMG!!!!


Anne Hillebrand - September 6

To "Give it a rest".

Not sure which Kathy posted, but if I post I always use my own name. Same with my email address - it's long, but it's because it's my real name.

That's why you know how often I post. Others may be using different id's, so you don't notice.

The information is straight from the FibroFix web site. And it's still free.

Anne Hillebrand
Orlando, FL
[email protected]



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