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this is so irritating
4 Replies
fancithatt - August 3

I have had fibromyalgia for several years but my Dr. just confirmed it a few months ago. I was already on a lot of the meds used for fm, anyway this is so irritating because although I suffer from pain every day I can get control of it with the meds and the last couple of days have been really good! Then I wake up this morning and I feel terrible. My neck and shoulders are killing me, the back of my thigh/buttocks hurts, I running a fever and I just want to scream "Come On Now" I didn't do anything yesterday to set this off and the meds will not control the pain today. This is such an up hill battle!! Thanks for listening I just needed to vent.


FibroGal - August 3

Hi, fancithatt. I saw your response on my thread about body temp. So, do you have like a "fever" fever? Or is it just like in the 99s, because I think maybe that can be part of the fibro. I can really relate to the frustration of the unpredictable nature of fibro. For the past couple weeks, the pain in my neck, upper back and upper arms has been worse than usual. And anytime symptoms change or get worse, I get very anxious. But that's fibro for you.


fancithatt - August 3

well normally my regular body temp is 97.4 (I've never been a 98.6 gal lol) but today its 99.6 and my regular pain neck,shoulders, etc are really hurting so your probably right and its just part of the fibro but dang it sucks!! Thanks for listening


enncync - August 12


I know exactly how you feel. SAME HERE!!! Sadly, although for 14 years of FMS now, I've tried to predict when I will feel bad, but it's not a full proof plan. Sometimes I just want to cry because I can't figure out why I'm hurting. This is exactly why I've joined this site. I needed a support group. Often for years, I've felt very lonely with this disease. Couldn't tell anyone for years because no one understood, let alone heard of it....and I can't forget about all of the doctors that either didn't get it, or refused to accept it.

I eat well, try to keep up the exercise, take vitamins and supplements, take Cymbalta 60mg, Motrin 60mg and this week, I feel like crap!!! and I just want to cry. Thinking that crying will make it feel better.

It's just a difficult disease that we have to work with until more progress has been made. I refuse to give up and allow terminal pitty for myself. Temporary bouts of pitty are all I'll accept. :-)


fancithatt - August 12

I'm sorry you feel bad and have this rotten disease but as you said it is nice to know others understand what each of us feels like. Today is one of those cry in your drink days for me. I hurt from head to toe and I have so many meds to take to try a ease the pain but they don't seem to be working today. Oh well I'm not a quitter either so I will tough out this day and pray for a better day tomorrow. Thank you for responding, I really do appreciate it. Cindy



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