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This is part of 'Signature fibros'
6 Replies
barbar - September 25

Let's not forget that our condition is greatly impacted by stress, which is unfortunate because it generates a lot of stress. It's important that we make this forum a good place to come in order to release our stress because that stress is like poison to our systems. Also, it's important that we appreciate that we each have a unique 'signature fibro' so we can support the frustrations another is having simply from the feelings of isolation the FMS can cause. We're going through something nobody else is and nobody understands. For years I used to berate myself for being lazy and unmotivated, or sloppy for not cleaning up. But there are some days when nothing feels better than lying on the couch in just a particular kind of way. Like yesterday. My posture on the couch yesterday was so relieving that stayed there all day and didn't even get up to eat.


TERESA - September 26

I know just what you mean! I've had about three bad days all in a row this week! I think I've had the flu but how can you tell? I've been runing a low grade fever off & on but all the other symptoms are FMS like (only a lot worse). I've not cleaned up my house or anything. That is very unlike me!! Before this all got really bad,(I mean after the FMS diagnosis) I use to be obsessed with having a clean house & a nicely manicured lawn! Now if I feel good I try to do everything. Then I'm down for days!


barbar - September 26

Teresa, I know what YOU mean, not knowing whether we have the flu or it's just another fibro flare up. My fibro would knock me out for days, too. Sometimes its all I can do to get in and out of the tub in the morning. By the time I dry off, I ready to get right back into bed. Luckily, some days are better than others. Today is a good day.


PUPPYMOM828 - September 27

Barbar- I've suffered from the fatigue that come with fibro for so long... This summer seemed so much worse to me that (like you) I started berating myself for getting lazy. I mentioned it to my doc and he said long term narcotic use has that effect. He did lab work and turns out that my testosterone level is low and fatigue is the consequence of that. If you take pain medication for your fibro, you might want to have your doc check it out. After getting the lab results, I stopped feeling guilty and bad for letting the dishes sit in the sink and not doing laundry for 3 weeks. I know I should not have been down on myself, but even after years of dealing with it, I am hard on myself and keep judging myself compared to what I used to be pre-fibro. So now I am just laying in my cocoon of pillows in bed day in and day out for the last week. I know I will get up and be more active after a few days. When we need rest, we need it; our body wants it, we feel it and need to listen to it. I am so glad I have a laptop so that I have been able to recently join this and one other fibro support group.


Lynne-FT - September 27

I also have the Obbsesive compulsive bug but since the FMS and my acceptance of my limitation ...(ok so I am still working on that) I have let things slack. I wonder how many of us were Obbsessive Compulsive before we got fibro? What I do is try to put something back when I use it and do not let thinks stack up anywhere. If I do not need it it gets thrown away. I use paper plates and sometimes the plastic cups so there are no dishes to wash. Also when it is time to wash bedding I take the bedding off the bed and wash it and put it back on this save me from having to try and fold it and having more dirty laundry pile up.


TERESA - September 27

Lynne-FT, I proposed the question several weeks ago about how many of us that suffer with FMS are or were prefectionist? From what I 've been reading it seems that most of us are! I wonder is this a predispostion to FMS? Another thing I have noticed is that many of us are pre-menopausal or suffering some kind of menstral problem.


BrandyO - September 27

My hubby runs a successful business. He works all the time, he is passionate about it and loves his career. It has allowed me the privilege of staying home for the past 18 years. I always took pride in keeping my home spotless. I was compulsive about it before my condition got much worse. Don't get me wrong, it still looks clean and tidy every day but don't look inside my closets or at how dirty the windows are, or the fact that my curtains have not been down and washed in 2 years and any number of any other nitty-gritty housecleaning chores. I have my routine that I follow everyday to keep up with everything but what I do in a week I used to do in one day. Some wise guy asked me once : What to you do all day long? My answer: I smiled and said, I sit around watching TV eating bob-bon's all day! That shut him up, lol. My point is that I do what I can and what doesn't get done, doesn't get done, period. I will admit I feel guilty about it at times but my husband doesn't complain so I guess I must be doing ok, lol. Take care everone, gentle hugs to you all! Brandy



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