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8 Replies
BRENDA - December 20

I have just received a personal e-mail today. In it it says that Barbar pasted way in her sleep in the early AM on December 18th, 2006!! The family has requested that there be no further contact from ANYONE at this forum!!! Unfortunately, this also includes those of us who considered her OUR VERY DEAR FRIEND!! I fear she died not knowing how MUCH she meant to a lot of us!! Please join me in putting aside our differences & praying for her & those of us who she considered FRIENDS & FAMILY!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!11


BrandyO - December 20

Oh my God... She replied on the 17th on a post that I wrote that she was going to kill herself. Please tell me she didn't do it! She had a lot of things going on besides the problems in here, she had to. No one does that to themselves unless they are hurting real bad, physically or emotionally. If this is true and she is really gone I am so sorry. She was always nice to me. May God Bless her. Brandy


Lynne-FT - December 20

May Barbar Rest in Peace and May God Bless her Soul. I will be stopping by this site but not posting as much anymore, for those of you who have emailed me please continue to do so, or contact me through my Forum.


BRENDA - December 21

Brandy, I am sorry too! Barbara was also dealing with many health issues that we here were unaware of! She was a GREAT FRIEND & A WONDERFUL CARING PERSON!! Some of you might like to know, That she was very happy here in the beginning & that she gave it her best yo return this forum to the way it was!! Please let her last efforts not be in vain! Let us begin anew with lovung thoughts of her & how much help she was to ALL OF US!!!


Debra4Real - December 25

Dear :Brenda I'm so very sorry that Barbar is gone.I will always hold a place in my heart for her.She was such a wonderful person with a heart of gold.I will miss her alot.God bless her and may he hold her close to his heart.Barbar your in my prayers.Love Always Debra.


Lyle Anderson - December 28

This whole thing really was very sad. A lot of folks have made comments, left their condolences but conspicuous by their absence are HK and Larry, especially Larry. I don't know if you gotta chance to see his vengeful posts but their were horrible. (I hope the web page masters have yanked them.) Larry made it very clear he wanted blood, so that's what she gave him. Let's face it, we all have our issues and even if Barbar had more than most, she didn't deserve what she got from Larry and HK. That's why they have such things as "manners" and "ettiquette": you never know what you're dealing with. Barbar was suicidal, but it could have been worse---she could have been homicidal!!! You never know when you're going to tip an axe murderer over the edge! She died to protect her friend. The web masters should have been on this one a lot sooner and those posts from HK and Larry should have been pulled immediately!! Sorry I've gone on so long, ironically it's because I don't know quite what to say or what to feel. I'm real sorry though, she was a great lady. I'm so sorry she got so sad and that there was no-one there for her. I am so, so sorry!!! Let's try to watch out for each other in the New Year, not take responsibility for each other but I think that if we just take responsibility for ourselves and for our actions we'd all be a lot better for it. My best and my love to you all.


tcmby - January 14

Hi "Lyle".... you sure seem to know a whole LOT about this for someone "brand new" around here... hey? You too BRENDA >>>


Iinda - January 14

thank-you tcmby.... it all makes sense now.


Imelda - January 14

Hey "THERESA/BRENDA". I went to the other site too. Looks like you've been hard at work lying over there too to lots of sick people. you deserve the humanitarian award of the century!You should be ashamed of youself.



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