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Thinning Hair?
4 Replies
ashmcf - March 23

Does anybody have thinning hair. I noticed right before my senior year in high school right when I got my first fibromyalgia symptoms before being diagnosed 3 years later that my hair thinned out extremely. Does anyone else have this problem? What to do please?


JJ1 - March 25

Have you had your iron checked? Hair loss can be linked to low iron stores and anemia. My hair became extremely thin when I got in my twenties. It has continued to thin to the point that I must wear it short (now in my late 40s). It is curly so that hides some of the thinness. I don't know if mine has always been due to anemia, but it has been worse the last few years when I started having iron problems. I can actually now tell when my iron is getting low when I start losing more hair.


ashmcf - March 25

thanks. I did have my iron checked at one point and I was anemic. I took my iron on a regular basis. My hair has gotten better but then I experience a bout of the flu and it in turn made me have a flare up of my fibromyalgia. My hair was totally ruined after this I had to cut it short and start regrowing it. I am currently 23 and have been diagnosed for 3 years soon to be 4.


JJ1 - March 25

You should probably get your iron checked again if it hasn't been checked recently. I am unable to absorb iron and must get periodic iron IV treatments. If you are having a malabsorption problem, you could still be anemic even when taking iron supplements. It is so hard for those of us with FMS to recognize the symtoms of anemia (such as fatigue) because they are masked by FMS.


Wonka - March 31

I second the iron theory. I have iron deficiency anemia and I have been losing great amounts of hair for awhile. Thankfully the GI tested me because I was also being tested for celiac (which I have). I normally have so much fatigue that I just assumed it was my fibromyalgia kicking up a notch.



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