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Thinking of taking time off work
7 Replies
SA - August 14

Hello, I'm a 25 year old female with fibromyalgia. I've had it for about 5 years now and it has been getting progressively worse. I've tried all kinds of medications, physical and massage therapy, alternative medicine, you name it. I've been studying and working pretty hard, and haven't had much of a break since I was in or out of school. Recently, my husband and friends have been trying to convince me to quit work and just, well, relax and try to focus on getting better. Has anyone out there quit their job because of their pain? I'm sure you know how bad it can get to drag yourself to work.


layla - August 13

hi, I've been off work for about 6 months now. I really needed to just relax & take care. it has helped me. I have been in pain w/ FM for 5 years too. Since I've had all this time on my hands I've researched a lot online & read plenty of books from the library. recently there were some strong opinions (fights) on this forum when someone metioned a book they liked so I am very reluctant to give the name of some that are helping me. it's very unfortunate that it is this way here since sharing always helps in my opinion. my symptoms are improving quite a bit & after the suffering for so long I can hardly believe it. I am reading a lot about the immune system, stress & particularly the effect your mind can have on illness (mindbody syndromes) you can search onine for these topics. I hope this helps & no one attacks me for shraring this. thanks & I hope you feel better ;)


Judy - August 13

I have been off work for 4 years and tired to get my disability but got denied. I am not young like you but still to young to get my disability and we couldnt afford to be with out income from me because we have a large family. I have had Fibromylgia for a very long time. a few months ago someone gave me a bottle of Monavie and then a nother I now feel so much better that I am back to work. I too got yelled at for telling others about this Juice it really does work and I have met others on this that is saying it helps them too. at your young age its worth a try. good luck...


Sara - August 13

I'm disturbed that both these obviously well-meaning women are now afraid to share their experiences or offer advice. what is the problem? I have noticed that SOME women on this site have very strong opinions about what other people say works for them. I really want to encourage everyone to FEEL FREE to share their opinions. this is what an open forum is designed for. hopefully we can all get to a place where we can say what we want (no personal attacks allowed!!!) about whatever we want without the condemnations or judgements that sour this lovely open forum. sorry to get on my soapbox here but I've wanted to say something for quite a while, given what was occuring here last week I thought now would be the best time. hope this finds you all well -Sara


Jillian - August 13

I also agree that we all need to be tolerant of each other here, even if we disagree. we should be able to discuss what vitamins help (I like MSM myself), what BOOKS (yes!) we think are helpful, body treatments, meditation, nutrition, therapy/counselling etc... there is a discomfort level that people are starting to have in sharing their thoughts and ideas. that is a shame. let's all feel free to speak our minds. the squabbles have been akin to fighting over religion or politics. this is ridiculous. let us all love and help one another without fear, aren't we all scared enough everyday already dealing with this pain? take care: Jilly (U.K)


michelle - August 14

hi SA, sorry to hear about how bad things are for you. I found that working a full-time job became impossible myself. I took some time off and then returned part-time. it has been much better this way. I read a book that helped me quite a bit called freedom from fibromyalgia. I hope I don't get it either for mentioning that. I have to agree with the other ladies that we should be able to talk about these things with fear of reprisal. I also find that getting a lot of rest helps and also warm baths before bed. hope this helps.


JJ - August 14

I am fortunate and was able to work out a part time arrangement with my work. I still get full benefits but only need to work a minimum of 24 hrs/wk. This has help me keep things balanced. On days when I feel really bad, if I can leave, I go home and take a nap and rest. I also do a lot of work from home so I don't have to use up valuable time getting dressed up and commuting.


SA... or Sima - August 14

Thanks to everyone for your replies. It takes a brave person to make the decision to quit work. I'm nowhere near there yet!! I don't know if part-time would be an option for me. I'm an engineer and my current job is on the rougher side - long hours at the computer, kneeling, climbing, working around heavy (and noisy!) machinery, and more physically demanding work. It's just that I'm still so young and feel like there's so much ahead, so quitting now is so hard to do. Having to work in a mostly male dominated field has already put me through a few rougher days, and so quitting would just feel like another defeat. I'd hate to submit to fibro. Am I going on too much of an ego trip here? I just don't want to feel like I'm giving up everything, because I've already given up a lot because of it. Thanks again for your advice.



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