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Things that work for me
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Janice - April 6

I would like to share what I have been doing to help me with my suffering of FMS. I was diagnosed in 1999. I was 49 years old and looking back I thought the symptoms were related to menopause.

When I finally found a doctor that could put a name to my symptoms like many all they wanted to do is put me on pain killers i.e. vicodin and of course anti-inflammatory meds.

It took a lot of research but I did put myself on the Guaifenesin Protocol with Dr. Paul St Amand. That helped me about 80%. I was stubborn however and refused to pay attention to diet. If my energy was low I grabbed sugar and carbs and my weight increased. Think about it if you are in pain and start caring around extra weight you are just hurting your self even more.

Go back to the basics and eating wisely help tremendously. Get on the scale and if you don't like what you see stop the pity party get the weight off it really helps.

I went to a nutritionist and was diagnosed with food allergies. She got me off wheat, sugar. oats and milk. A good nutritionist can do this testing without needles and now I take dietary supplements. They balance out my hunger so I don't cheat. Another thing the nutritionist did is put me on an Ionic Cleanse. This is a type of electrical foot bath that I soak in for 20 minutes and it takes the toxins out of my body. Believe me the water gets a gross color and they can tell by what is in it and help you adjust your diet.

Another thing I have done is get all the old metal fillings out of my teeth. Most of them had mercury in them and they start to disenigrate. Be sure you find a dentist that will use a rubber dam when changing your fillings to porcelain. White gold for strengthen a crown is ok.

I look back now and in 1999 I changed a lot of my fillings without the rubber dam and I know now that was the only thing I did differently in my life and then started the pain from FMS. I had however, had car accidents in earlier days.

Most importantly I have learned to put myself first. I have cut the stress out of my life. I started a home based business and now longer fight freeway traffic. I am able to work form home on my own schedule and pace myself.

I am 55 now and well enough that I am planning a trip to Africa this June. I would never take on such a lengthy trip to a third world company if not for making myself a priority and doing all the above.

I hope this will help some of you. Please email me with any questions.


Andi - April 6

What about the people who aren't over weight and don't need a change in there diet, I am constantly losing weight no matter what i eat, so food is not an issue to me. Different things work for different people, and it's not a pity party we are depressed speaking soley for myself, because of the pain.
It doesn't help when other people force things on us to try. I am glad it helped for you but I also have an autoimmune issue like Inflammatory arthritis that has left me crippled i'm only 33 so even the docs said I can't work, FMS is not an excuse its a real disease, I don't think I misread your post either, I hate when people say were in self pity, of course we are we are in pain and sometimes not even exercise works. So now what?



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