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Things that make you feel good
19 Replies
barbara s. - November 15

I love when someone starts a positve thread-- so here goes: What are the things you do that physically make you feel better? I know Teresa had mentioned her memory foam mattress topper (I got a memory foam pillow that I love). What else? I love a hot bath with bubbles and epsom salts, and then i get into bed with a full body massage mat thing that I got at wal-mart. Sometimes I can't use it because it's too intense, but mostly I love it. What do you do?


barbar - November 16

I'm one of the hot bath people. I got some battery operated, flameless "candles" and a flameless, "candle" fountain from QVC and put them in the bathroom for mood. I have an apartment for the disabled so it has a HUGE bathroom, necessary to accommodate a wheelchair, with a full size washer dryer off to the side in a little anteroom. It makes for a great dressing room. I don't have to get up and down so much to get dressed and undressed. I also, for some particularly odd reason I do not understand, like to eat a lot of bananas. And then there is Percy. I shall have to tell you all about Percy, but that's another thread.


barbara s. - November 19

Thank you barbar, for your response, but I must say that I'm really disappointed that no one really seems to have anything positive to ever say. I think this will be my last time on this site because I prefer to surround my self with positvity rather negativity. I understand that people have issues that they want input on and everyone is here because they feel BAD, but a little optimism once in awhile goes a long way. I'm certainly not saying that every post has to be all rosy, so don't misinterpret. I wish you all feel better and please do everything you can to get healthy. Take Care.


cherokee - November 19

The winter months I imagine the sunshine. I sit in the recliner and imagine the sun shining on my face. I imagine the warmth of the sun on my body. I try to hear leaves rattiling from the wind. It seems to help me!


TERESA - November 19

I like Sunday family dinners! Some weeks I don't feel so well & because I host these dinners, it can be hard on me. I am always glad to have them over though. We eat, talk ( sometimes argue ) & watch football! I also like to cross stitch or embroider. Right on I am working on a quilt for my new grandson! Oh yeah, and lay on my NEW SOFT BED WITH PILLOWS, LOL!!!!!


JJ1 - November 20

I have a very hectic active life with 3 teenage kids. Sometimes the best gift for me is a quiet night at home alone, no hubby, no kids, I can sit and read or work a puzzle with no demands on my time or take a nice hot bath in our whirlpool tub with candles and aromatherapy.


JJ1 - November 20

by the way, barbar, i thought your post was nice and very positive. I like the a nice hot relaxing bath too and after reading this thread and responding, I am thinking that is where I am headed in just a few minutes - to fill up that nice whirlpool tub!!!!


JJ1 - November 21

Well, I didn't get my nice relaxing bath the other night. Life interfered. Another thing that makes me feel good is finishing a project. It seems so hard to get to the end of something when you are frequently immersed in a fibro-fog, and the feeling you have accomplished something can be so uplifting. This can be home improvement project, a craft, or finishing an assigment at work. It can just make my day/week, even better than a warm bath.


TERESA - November 22

I agree JJ1!!!


asilinc298 - November 22

I have a real nice infared quilt that I wrap around myself and it is so soothing.


AmberRose - November 23

I will have to agree with barbara on the positive thred stuff! I love all these things at the right times! My favourite thing would also be a quite night at home doign nothing but whatever it is that i like..i have 2 very active boys aged 3 and 4 and they are so noisey and when they are out with dad or the family i love it...its quiet and i can have all the lights off if i want...thats what i like! (i have noise and light sensitivty now) I also liek good days when i can do normal things like mop the floor or do laundry :) feeling normal is awesome!


cherokee - November 25

I love the days that I can actually clean the house. I have 4 boys ages 11, 9, 7 and 5. They keep me very busy, but when I am done cleaning after them I love flopping on the sofa and say thank gosh I'm done cleaning. (for today)


TERESA - November 25

Isn't it odd that we are greatful for the days we can do HOUSEWORK? LOL!! I was greatful for being able to spend the day with my two grown sons & my new grandson!!!!!!


CarrieLee - November 25

it sure looks like we need some positivity around here... sheesh! hot baths.... yes!!! I also like to go for hikes or long walks down the country road by my home. especially when the sun is setting (or rising).


CarrieLee - November 26

p.s. A nice glass of red wine and a fireplace never hurt either!


AmberRose - November 26

lol wine is allways a helper! it allwasy makes me happy...not that im a lush or anything :)


CarrieLee - November 27

how about a glass of wine IN a bubble bath... Aaahhhhh.....



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