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thigh pain
9 Replies
banditmilo - July 9

I have lived w/fibromyalgia for many years, but the past 8 months Ive been having this horrible ripping pain in my thighs. This is excruciating, Ive had shots in my spine-and xrays, and there doesnt seem to be anything physically wrong-- this wakes me up in the middle of the night and Im actually screaming-it seems to come at the same time my lower back is hurting- Is this from fibromyalgia? Its almost indescribable, but I swear and my husband has also seen these little lines that are there when this happens. I think my dr. thinks Im crazy. Help


charliebrown - July 9

Do the lines look kind of mottled? When my pain is really bad, (neuropathic pain) my skin looks kind of mottled.


charliebrown - July 9

Should also ask what kind of meds and dosage are you on? Any supplements?


banditmilo - July 16

the lines that come when this horrible pain happens are like little pathways, my husband can see them too. It feels like someone is cutting me from the inside to out or ripping or tearing my skin. Is so hard to explain, but we can actually see these almost crisscross or indented lines. I have learned to immeadiateley get ice on it and it will calm it down somewhat, but then I am afraid to go back to sleep. This pain comes at the same time my tailbone is hurting. I dont know if its related but after many xrays, they say that nothing is wrong except for degenerative disk disease. Im soooo tired. I am on opoids n neorontin, nothing is working well, I may ask my dr. if I can try the new drug Lyrica.


melvian - August 9

When these lines appear can you make an x with your finger and the lines form an x???


HAPPy - August 9

The inner part of my thigh and knee did the same thing a while back... would come and go but when it hurt, it would hurt for hours on end, a burning kind of pain so severe i'd hold the inside of my knee and cry out in agony.


Anibell - April 25

I have just recently had similar pain. In both thighs, mostly on top and on the outsides, it feels as though someone is cutting through and just shredding my thighs. When it starts I actually cry out and look down at my thighs expecting them to be shredded. My thighs are also numb on the outsid. This started about two and half months ago. I've been to a Neurologist, had the "nerve" tests done with the electrodes; had an MRI of my back; and now am having Epideral shots because my Lumbaur is closing in on my spine(not a new issue, just getting a little worse). It's not helping. My Internal Medicine doctor did put me on Gabapentin when the pain first started and it helped alot. Of course, they thought it might be Shingles. I'm also on Cymbalta for the Fibromyalgia. I will try the ice trick. This is the worse pain I've ever experienced in my life and I've given birth naturally, been given stitches without novacaine, and have migraines that make me vomit. But this ....


January - April 25

I have severe pain because of lower back problems. They only showed up clearly when I had a sitting MRI. Have you had this? Or did they do they MRI while you were lying down?


Anibell - April 26

I did not do a sitting up MRI. The MRI I did have showed degenerative disk, some other stuff, all of which showed up 10 years ago and all I had was lowed back pain - no thigh pain. So what's changed? Nothing showed on the MRI.


January - April 26

Anibell - if you search "dermatome" you can find among many sites a decent map that shows areas of the body that are supplied by nerves coming from the spinal cord.

I don't know if you are experiencing referred nerve pain - but if you are, that can be caused by degenerating disks pinching the nerves as they come out of your spinal cord and extend into your body. There are other kinds of spinal problems that can also affect the nerves - and you can get severe "referred" pain that you feel in other parts of the body besides your back.

The dermatome map will show you what level vertebra is involved with each area of the body. Since you are having such severe pain, it could be nerve related. You might want to get your back checked out again and see if you have some kind of pinched nerve. Sometimes you can get a compression fracture of a vertebra that causes terrible pain also. If your last MRI was ten years ago (?) you might want to get another one - and I think the sitting MRIs are the best. When you're lying down, the MRI might not clearly show how the vertebrae are pinching the nerves.

Hope this makes sense. And hope you get some relief soon. It sounds like you are having a really hard time, and the meds aren't working too well. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about trying something else for your pain. Good luck.



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