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They think I am at the hospital for pain medicatoins and I am a phony
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Anna64 - June 30

Can fybrimyalgia cause severe lower back pain that radiats around the right hip. Every step feels as if there is no disc and it feels like hot pokers. So much pain I felt like screeming out in pain. A sure 10, of course the hospital did not take me serious since everything else checked out o.k.


Susan - February 9

Sounds like what I went through when I first got Fibromyalgia. I even got a Doctor fired for telling me it was all in my head.

My foot was in pain and I went to see a doctor. He made me walk on it all the way to the x-ray room. My x-rays looked fine and he said that is what he was going to put in the report for work.

The next day my foot swelled up like a balloon. It was huge. My toes were sticking up in the air instead of streight out. I went back to show the doctor who told me it was all in my head.

He was not there but his boss was. His eyes about popped out of his head when he saw my foot. I explained what happened the day before and he said that doctor will never return to this facility. I said it wouldn't matter to me because I was not returing myself.



intheknow - February 12

Did you know your insurance company dictates the tests you get and the answers your doctor dismisses as Fibromyalgia? I've been going through this crap now for over 7 years, and continue to worsen. Lung disease, thyroid disease, nodules, fevers, liver and kidney disease, and the list goes on... The fact that doctors don't even examine or even touch me anymore and keep dismissing my problems as "fibromyalgia" made me realize that there is a conspiracy going on. Go do an internet search on "Fibromyala dismissive" and read up on the controversy. Here's what I've had to do in order to have a physician finally admit that fibromyalgia is merely passive to satisfy the patient and keep the insurance company from paying to allow a correct diagnosis and treat you effetively. You really need to research your symptoms thoroughly. Print off the facts you find, ask for specific testing and most important of all...BRING A WITNESS TO YOUR DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS. You must drill your doctor with your witness present why they don't test for other possibilities based on the facts. Be sure and request copies of your tests so you have the information you need to keep researching the possibilities.'re in for a rough future, and paying for the insurance company's profitability through your suffering. Best of luck!


HealedLady - April 21

I know that feeling. I have been hospitalized more than once for severe pain and they treated me like I was crazy. My own doctor sent me for tests and they kept saying everything was normal, which I found out later that it wasn't normal and someone lied to me. My doctor? The people at the hospital reading the tests? I don't know and I don't care. I know that I have Fibromyalgia now and I can tell them and they BETTER know how to treat me should I need an emergency trip again. So take people to your doctor that live with you, I brought my son that is with me 24/7 mostly, (he's a teenager) and he told the doctor alot of things and my doctor finally believed me after I had to sit my doctor down and make him listen to me. Sad but true, but there are better doctors out there. You might need to find you another doctor. I am going too after the way my doctor treated me.


Lori - June 4

My hip pain is on the left side...even my rheumatologist says it is not like normal fibro pain. Have been to 6 orthopaedics, had x-rays, MRI's, etc. They find mild bursitis and arthritis, but nothing that equates with the pain. I have described my pain as a constant burning in my hip. When it gets really bad I feel like a Barbie doll who has had her leg pulled off in the area where the leg attaches to the body. Eventually my leg is paralyzed ( the neurologists say it's because the pain is so severe that the brain shuts down those muscles so you can't move and need to be immobilized). My neurosugeon has suggested that is what I am going to try next. It is very frustrating when no one can tell you what is wrong. Godd luck!


Jess - June 8

I had and still currently have pain like that. Has anyone suggested a bulged disk? I went to the doctor after I couldn't walk and they put me into physical therapy. In the event that they suggest physical therapy, I wouldn't reccomend it unless you find it necessary. You can go online and find the exercises and stretches that you need to do to correct it. I had mine for years before the problem was identified. It was buried under all sorts of other things. I'm not diagnosing, but you might see what you can find out about that. I hope the best.


Gale - June 30

I have FMS too and often wake up in the morning with the hip pain you describe. Most of the time it is in both hips when I have it. Feels like being stabbed and also burns. It is very difficult to walk and it is extremely painful. I've chalked it up to trigger/tender point pain. I have a herniated disk in my lower back that causes some pain and numbness in my left hip and thigh, but that sensation is not the same as the hip pain I have in the mornings sometimes. I also want to give my opinion on the comments made here about doctors -- Your doctor should not assume that everything you have wrong with your body is FMS-related. With every complaint I have had, my doc has ordered the same tests he would have ordered if I didn't have FMS. If the tests come back normal, then he watches me for a while and if my symptoms don't worsen, we both chalk it up to FMS. He could have assumed that my lower back pain complaints were trigger/tender point flare ups, but instead, he ordered an MRI. That's how the herniated disk was discovered. As it turns out, I need surgery. My point is this -- if your doctor is not taking care of you, you need a new doctor. I've never known of an insurance company yet that only had one doctor approved on it's plan. Get another doctor as soon as possible! With FMS, it is well worth the drive to go to another city if necessary to get quality care. Docs get $100 to $300 or more per visit -- at that price, you deserve better.



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