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There might be hope?
9 Replies
peek_boo - July 12

I have had various health issues over the years but these two past years have been far worse for inexplicable aches and pains. I had my gallbladder taken out when I was 26. I had a hysterectomy two years ago. I am 45 and have three sons. I have suffered with depression. I am on Celebrex, Cipralex, Synthroid and Trazadone for sleeping. I have severe stiffness in the morning which gets worse after I have been sitting any length of time. My skin feels like it is too tight on my hands. I have severe pain in the heels of my feet. I am at my heaviest weight ever. I rarely have a regular bowel movement ... always diarrhea and severe cramping after I eat. I am thankful to have discovered this site ... I will be changing my diet today to see if that will help. At least now I have some hope that there might actually be hope! I don't have all of the symptoms listed but everything I've read here just "clicked". I have heard that doing a body cleanse to start off helps tremendously. Has anyone done this and if so what type of cleansing do they suggest?


mimosette - July 14

I'm new here, too. You sound just like me! I'm 43, have had my gall bladder out recently, and also hysterectomy. When I was 36, I gained from a lifelong weight of 100 lbs to 260 reason other than low thyroid .I also have that severe cramping and diarrhea after eating,...looks like I'd lose some weight, because I swear it seems everything I eat goes straight thru me!
I have found that when I REMEMBER to take 6 fiber pills a day, I don't have the right -after-a-meal runs. I can't sub good food fiber, it only works with the Metamucil pills for me.
I have always had the pain in my heels, even when was skinny, the foot dr even couldn't help me. I wear Crocs in the winter (we live in the deep south) and Rocket Dog flipflops in the summer, I have tried every shoe made and these give me padding/arch support w/out being too hot on my feet.
I take Celexa, Elavil,Synthroid, Ambien, and Topamax . Also B12 shots . And I am bad about trying all kinds of supplements and not sticking with them long enough for them to work.
I don't know about the body cleanse, I am suspicious of those, as they seem like diarrhea-in-a-expensive-package to me. I like to flush out my system with Dandelion capsules and lots of green tea (iced, made really strong) and lemon water.


peek_boo - July 15

Wow! I thought I was the only one with all of these issues. I will definitely try the Metamucil pills. I also have "hot feet" all the time. I've heard of trying dandelion capsules to flush your system ... would I go to a health food store to get those? Thanks so much for replying to my email ... it's reassuring to know that there are other people out there who can give me different ideas to try!


LastsGal - July 15

My meds were getting me through the day, however I felt like I'd been hit by a truck in the night every morning... painful stiffness, my husband sometimes had to help me out of bed (and I'm only 36!)

My doctor gave me a new medicine that works beautifully, although I was scared to death to start taking it. It took me another few months to decide to accept the prescription, but I have to tell you, I'm glad I did. As long as I don't sleep more than 9 hours, I don't feel stiff when I wake up anymore.

The pain meds I take during the day to keep my pain at bay have a four hour "half-life" so even if I took one right before I went to sleep, they didn't last until morning. My pain specialist gave me a 10mg oxycontin to take at night. Bye bye morning pain... from day one, I might add.

It's not for everyone, but between that at night and the celebrex in the morning, I hardly ever feel stiff anymore.

Good luck!


LastsGal - July 15

Oh, I forgot the cleansing thing! I was thinking about this a few months back. Then, last month, I got stuck in the ER for severe abdominal pain.

After 4 days of tests, they couldn't find anything wrong with me (imagine that lol), but I have a colonoscopy & endoscopy scheduled for July 28th. For those, I have to take four 5mg Ducolax tablets & 238mg of Miralax.

At any rate... I was wondering if that is a type of "body cleansing" or does it not count because it's just a digestive system "flush?" Anyone know?



bbass - July 15

Hey, two of you refer to having hot feet. What does this mean to you? I have feet that I consider hot, they sweat like crazy-makes my flip flops wet, and they feel like they are on fire when I tuck them into socks and shoes. Is that what you guys are talking about?


mimosette - July 15

Yes, my feet (my whole body actually) feel hot all the time, like I have on permanent wool socks. Even in the winter I feel hot and run around in short sleeves. I freeze my husband and daughter half to death because I like to keep the house about 65 degrees. Can you imagine what my power bill is in an Alabama summer???
Peek, I did get my Dandelion capsules at a health food store, but you can get them cheaper online. Just do a Google search for "buy dandelion capsules" and several sites should pop up.
I found a thread here last night that recommended this site and I found it interesting indeed. I am going to try everything it says to do. Plan on getting all the stuff tomorrow.
Funny thing is, back in the 90's when I worked for a Chiro, (I did the physical theraphy) we had several Fibro patients, so I read a book that recommended exactly the same treatment , and had totally forgotten about it.
Click all around the site, especially the diet part. interesting, huh?


peek_boo - July 15

Thanks mimosette ... I'll google the dandelion capsules. Does anyone out there also get breakouts on their face that look like large pimples but they only have clear liquid in them and are very sore?



Fantod - July 16

I discussed a body cleanse some time ago with my nutritionist who has lengthy experience with FMS. The feeling among holistic doctors is that FMS originates in the gut where about 80% of the immune system is stored. Much to my surprise, she did not advocate a cleanse at all. She said that it would only aggravate an already distressed and unbalanced gut. Instead, she suggested Designs for Health GI Revive (you can find it online). I use it every day and it seems to help. I simply mix the powder into my morning protein shake. That's my two cents on the subject. Take care.


mimosette - July 16

Yes, peek, I do get those cysts...and not just on my face.(TMI) Have had to have one lanced, too..NOT pleasant. It totally sucks to be 43 and still have ginormous zits on my face.

I think I ordered every supplement recommended for Fibro yesterday, i had such a bad week. BY may take me all day to swallow them all, but something is bound to work!



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