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the website you SHOULD be going to is
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tanner - September 11

Save yourself years of pain & lost life. my life is finally turning around & changing. I have been searching endlessly for an answer & think I found one. I've had every bizarre & painful symptom that FM offers. I wish someone had been there to offer this advice years ago. This has nothing to do with pills or guai or exercise or injections... it's all about you. your life & your pain. one day at the library amidst all the other "chronic pain & Fibromyalgia" literature I stumbled across a book. I think there must have been an angel with me that day. I'd never heard of John Sarno before & the book looked just like ALL the others... but it has changed my life, forever. I don't know you but I do care about you & if I can help just one person it will fill my heart. please read: THE MINDBODY PRESCRIPTION or THE DIVIDED MIND by: John E. Sarno also: FREEDOM FROM FIBROMYALGIA by Nancy Selfridge M.D. I know people are online hawking bogus cures & chasing rainbows, that is not what this is about... If you read the books please come back & share I wish a life fully lived & healing to every one of you


Debra - July 18

Hi:Tanner Well, i checked out the books and i dont think the methods are for everyone.Depression does not cause fibromyalgia.Fibromyalgia causes depression.Alot of people have different forms of fibro.Some have symptoms 24 hours a day and some people have on and off symptoms.I have severe Fibromyalgia and chronic burning,stinging body pain everyday for 4 years following a serious accident.Treatment should be custom to meet each persons needs.Im very happy that the book has helped you and it might help others but,it will not help with severe chronic fibromyalgia.Yours Truly...Debra.


Ally - July 20

Debra-I have a question for you-Does maybe an accident like the one you had or a car accident 'kick off' or start fibromyalgia?


tanner - July 20

actually debra I also have had SEVERE fibro & myofascial pain syndrome for 7+ years. you obviously did not READ the books because nothing is said about "depression" causing fibro". sadly, some people would rather stay as they are instead of getting well.... you saying "IT WILL NOT HELP PEOPLE WITH SEVERE CHRONIC FIBRO....." is completely incorrect, I'm a glowing example of that! don't discourage others, it's nasty & steals their chance for freedom from the grip of this horror.


Debra - July 22

Tanner:Are you sure that you can read.Before you bite my head off again read my comments again.I SAID THAT FIBROMYALGIA CAUSES DEPRESSION NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.And why are you saying such mean things to me.Ive been helping people out here for months and they are very kind honest people like myself.Please stop saying bad things about me.Yours Truly Debra.


Debra - July 22

Hi:Ally How are you?.To answer your question. In my case my accident caused 100% of my Fibromyalgia.But please remember that not all of the people that have Fibromyalgia have it because of an accident.But if you have been in an accident it is proven that if you develope fibro that it will be 10 times worse then someone that has not had serious injuries..Take Good Care of yourself.Yours Truly Debra......


Debra - September 11

Hello to everyone.I have found the problem that started this whole thing.For many months you all know that there were people out here pretending to be me.This is the reason for it.I had commented here on this post about a book, i think that we have all given are fare share of comments out here and there is nothing wrong with that at all.Its an open fourm out here to try to help one another any way we can.Whether it be sugesting a book,cream,therapy and so on.Because of this simple comment that i said here these as i call them the book guys started to call me and lots of other people really bad names and played a very long sick game here.Again just because of a book.This must have taking them alot of time and effort to use some of our names and go on and on.I dont care to cut up the book because it might have helped some of you out here,but these books guys the real trolls really played a number on me and you to.God forbid if you ever really made them more angry then they all ready are,they might have tried to find you and hurt you.I know who you are and i know that this stupid game that you have played is over now for good.I really did not deserve what you have done to me and how you used my name to get people to dislike me.That is very cruel.Please end this now. Thank You. Debra....


nora - September 11

please you guys, stop pulling up all this old stuff.the board is starting to look lke a mess again.thnks.


Nora - September 11

I'm sorry mistake.



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