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The snow is coming in my end of town - feeling hurt
9 Replies
axxie - November 29

Just by looking at the clouds, I knew it was going to be any day. My mind is mush, my body is misfiring and I can't even control my emotions. I just hate everything and everyone. These are the time I want to hide, chill, until it all passes.

The kids are playing hockey in the street and I find solace in seeing them play. I wish I could join them. I could see myself playing a good game, even for a girl, I remember when I played in the snow, even up to a few years ago.

Now winter is beating its path and for a few months, it's going to be hell for me. When it's cold, wet and dreary outside, my body feels it.

I wish I can hibernate until winter passes.

( )
( )


axxie - November 29

The O and parentheses where suppose to look like a snow men.... it wouldn't let me do it. Maybe someone else can!!!


axxie - November 29

I mean man, not men


solanadelfina - November 29

Your snowman is cute- I've never seen anyone do that before. I loved playing hockey in gym class, and trust me, we ladies can get rougher than the guys. :) If we ever get together for a game, I wanna be on your team.

So, if we hibernate... does that mean we get to have a huge feast at Christmas, sleep out the most painful and cold time of the year, and wake up in time for swimsuit season and starting gardening?


Fantod - November 29

Hi Axxie - Sorry you are are having such a rotten time. It is pouring rain here and I hurt all over too. I'm really dreading the winter this year too. It is hard to stay positive in the face of unrelenting pain and general discomfort. I'd don't know about swimsuits and gardening but I'm up for sitting around on the patio and having a good talk. Feel better!


axxie - November 30

OK, we gals are hibernating, but first we get to play a game of street hockey. (I have to warn you, I used all kinds of tactics to get to put the puck in the net, and that includes, giving people chocolate). ha

After the fest a Christmas we will travel to Fatod patio for some small talk and laughs. We all find a good place to hibernate and go for a great comforting snooze, until swimsuit comes around. (I hope I do shed a few pounds, while hibernating).....

Anyone else on for this great departure from winter....


Canada17 - November 30

Oh that would be nice! I am sooo cold! I keep turning the heat up and either my roommate or my husband turn it down. I'm only turning it up to 70! And I still need a blanket to feel comfortable!


tnichel - November 30

WINTER DEPRESSES ME!!!! I'm tired of trying to find warm spots and avoiding drafty places. MY body is so not playing nice right now. And the rain makes it worse. I hope everyone gets a reprieve from the pain for bit. I know I need it for my sanity.


KatherineWSU - November 30

fight winter blues by buying a favorite coat! Then when winter comes - you pull it out of your closet and say to yourself "Oh, I love to wear this coat" and do a winter activity. I love to snow ski. But, with being diagnoised with fibro - skiing will be interesting this winter. If I fall, I'm not sure if I will be able to get up! LOL


Canada17 - November 30

Do you think I could convince my Insurance Provider to pay for radiant heat installation in my home so that I don't have to deal with drafts or being cold anymore??? It would save energy and keep me happy! lol

I like the coat idea. I had a great one when I was preggers....doesn't come anywhere near to fitting me now though!

It was awfully cold in my bedroom last night and we didn't turn on the space heater. I of course got my period this morning and had crazy night sweats last night. So now my entire right side of my body has seized up because I tried to cool myself off and only ended up with frigid air passing over my sweaty body. Boo!! I gave my husband a hard time the night before for turning the space heater on and making me sweat all night. Looks like I'm going to be sweating at night for a few days... : (



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