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the new girl
15 Replies
gardengirl - November 24

Hello, I'm Shelly. I'm real new to this forum stuff. My kids are trying to teach me to do all this messaging, mainly to I stop whining to them I'm sure.

In reading some of your postings , I too would be very excited in a "cure" for Fm. I have had it for 30 yrs. Clinically diagnosed 6yrs ago. I was real happy to find out I wasnt just nuts. I really did have pain. My husband was happy for the diag. also, although he still thinks I'm nuts. I also have hypermobility and a touch of CFS.

My daghter was also diagnosed with fm and hypermobiltiy, she is 18 yrs. We have to giggle alot about things or we get to serious . My fibro fog is notorious aroundd here. lots of notes everywhere.

Thank you for allowing me to join in your forum, I'm sure you all have a wealth of info to share with me.



AmberRose - November 24

Glad to have you here as well! Not glad you have fibro though...and the way what is that?
Its good to have a place you can go to get support this site is pretty good...specailly for those days when you need to talk but are to tired to go out!


Virg - November 24

Welcome gardengirl, Isn't it so true about a sense of humour! My stepchildren and dear guy make it so much easier for me. Being always a joker type at heart it's ok to be ribbed about things and laugh it off. You'll find a lot of support here.


TERESA - November 24

Welcome Shellyl!! We here at this site UNDERSTAND believe me!! When were you diagnosised? How old are you? I am 46 ( be 47 12/5 ) & was only diagnosised earlier this year. It was not till I found this site, that I felt normal again!! It was like having an AH HA moment & I knew I wasn't crazy or just a hypochondriac!! We talk about everything here & we'll be looking forward to hearing from you!!!!


gardengirl - November 24

If I can't giggle at myself then I feel you just get way to freeky out this stuff.
To answer your question on hypermobility.. its basically when your tendons and liggaments (spl?) don't bounce back once stretched. I've had surgery on both ankles and now my wrists are being a "pain". We all know how fibro patients love surgery!!

Were is this forum out of? I live in Northern Michigan. I have 3 kids, one son in law, many pets. I have had to quit my job last month.
I worked as a front desk manager and sales director of a large hotel. I'm very social but sure couldnt remeber your name??



AmberRose - November 24

I cant rememebr names either...or faces unless ive spent loads of time talking to a not sure wehre the forum i sbased form but we are from all from calgary and there are a few others from canafa, there is a thread on here soemwhere with everyones comments about where they are from ....we also vary in ages im 26.I also had to quit my job allthough i found an easier one and i also had to give up my dog cause it hurt to much to walk him...i miss him tons still! But one day at a time i guess :)


AmberRose - November 24

canada not


gardengirl - November 24

AmberRose, I'm so sorry you had to give up your pet. They really keep me hopping since my kids are all self sufficient. I have two dogs and many felines, We do kitty rescue. My husband would save every cat on earth.
My father lived in Calgary for years, he loved it. He still lives in Canada with my stepmum.


AmberRose - November 24

well im glad you can keep your dogs. i have 3 cats till but my kids are jsut 3 and 4 so maybe when they are older we can get a smaller dog thats easier for everyone to walk!


gardengirl - November 24

Amberose, you sure have your hands full. I remember when my kids were 3,4 and then a 1yr old, my husband was in the service and gone on a ship all of the time. He would get home and I was a nut job. Very exhausted and in alot of pain. Migranes and ibs were almost daily. I can honestley say I understand. I could'nt wait for them to go to bed at night.


Lynne-FT - November 24

I would like to say Hello and hope you find support and good friends here.
Love the notes everywhere comment, I have a notebook near me all the time and plenty of post it notes, they sure do come in handy.


AmberRose - November 25

lol i feel like a nut job all the time tooo...i dunno how you did it with 3 but my husbands a roofer and owns his own company so hes pretty busy...i cant wait for school thats a full day :)


Maura A. - November 25

Welcome gardengirl
This is a wonderful forum. It has really helped me and I feel I can ask any question and get helpful information. And I have NOTES all over the house.


CarrieLee - December 13



CarrieLee - December 13

Hey GardenGirl, how are you doing. are you still with us...


Jeri - December 14

hi shelly, my mom & i both have fibro in common too. my doc treats us both & says that is common to run in families. i make notes & lists galore too... ROTFLMAO!



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